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Linux for Accountants

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This article is about the new operating system Linux and its benefits into the accounting profession. The first thing the article discusses is the cost comparison between Linux, Windows 98, and Windows NT Workstation. The cost of Linux is about 50 dollars while Windows 98 and Windows NT Workstation are about 150 and 250 dollars respectably. And the price varies for the number of computer networked together. The two operating systems both support the two basic network models: peer-to-peer and client-server. Linux also uses an additional network model called venerable timesharing. Which any Linux workstation can remotely log into a Linux server or even another Linux workstation with a simple command. Cost isn't the only reason why Linux is better than Windows they're stability, speed and efficiency, and security as other reasons.

Everything about Linux isn't the best, some of the downsides to it is that there isn't much software available of the for the Linux system. Also the time and effort of retraining a staff that is used to the Window system to the new Linux system. Lastly, if the company or owner of the Linux system needs a tighter or more flexible security it wouldn't or couldn't be offered unlike Windows. Overall, Linux is a powerful, cost-effective operating system that can provide businesses with clerical, productivity, and connectivity tools they need. I think that this system will help restore the balance in power in the computer software and operating system market space. Accountants can use this new system to help reduce the high overhead that comes with the use of computer in the profession.

Pages 27 to 31 in the November 1999 edition of The CPA Journal



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