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Administration and Financial Accounting

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I have decided to apply for the role because of my experience in education service finance and the opportunity to continue to apply my knowledge of administration and financial accounting in greater capacity. I believe my background and experience will help me be an asset to your organisation in a very short time.

I was attracted to your organisation because of your reputation as an employer that encourages staff to balance work and personal life. Also, the work environment is very friendly and there are opportunities for personal/ career development through the provision of support to staff.

I have demonstrated in the past the various skills and competencies which are relevant to enable me perform in this role as follows:

Technical skills and knowledge

I have good experience in administration and financial accounting including assistance in the implementation of new accounting system for my past employer in the education sector. I have been involved in the preparation of monthly trial balances, annual budgets, quarterly and yearly forecasts.

I discuss monthly financial accounts with budget holders and suggest strategies for cutting costs and improving efficiencies for the purpose of reducing/ avoiding unfavourable variances.

I also have strong experience in the usage of various Microsoft office applications such as Excel, Access, Word, and Office Outlook.

I am an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria- Accounting Technician and a student member of the Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants. Also, I have a first degree in accounting from a prestigious university in Nigeria.

Organisational skill

I am a self-motivated individual with an ability to work with minimal or no supervision preparing monthly departmental accounts.

I supervised effectively the work of my subordinates and I ensure that I provide on the job training trainings including delegation of important tasks. I had supervised most financial accounting operation functions, including the monthly bank, cash and income reconciliation.

Interpersonal skills

I have very good and friendly interpersonal



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