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Abortion - to Kill or Not to Kill

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Essay Preview: Abortion - to Kill or Not to Kill

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"To kill or not to kill"

It is evident that abortion is an issue that will not subside. There are two completely opposite sides of this issue in which no compromise appears to be apparent. The controversy lies on whether or not we believe human life begins at conception. By definition, life does begin at conception. The definition of alive means that the being is growing, developing, maturing, and replacing its own dying cells. These are all characteristics which are held by a fetus. If life does begin at conception, by law, human life is guaranteed equal protection therefore making abortion illegal in society. However in society today, abortion is made legal.

As to any coin there is a flip side. There are few extreme cases for which I feel abortion should be taken into consideration. For instance, there have been cases where girls have been sexually abused and have become impregnated. In this case where the premature young lady is practically incapable to carry the child, abortion feels necessary. An additional example would be if a woman's life would be put into jeopardy as a result of the pregnancy.

Many women exploit the power to abort and use it as a "condom" to ensure that they will not have to deliver or raise their child due to personal problems. In these cases, there are certain constructive areas that can be encouraged that should be non-controversial, such as adoption. I feel adoption can be sought through the following instances, within rape victims and pregnancy due to sexual molestation, where the mother and the baby will not be physically harmed as a result of the pregnancy.

All in all I deem abortion as an immoral wrong act. Different alternatives should be pondered before making the critical decision of taking away one's life. I feel that abortion should be something that should be thought out in extreme cases but otherwise immoral and a sinful act against nature's wishes.



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