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Abc Gym Marketing Plan

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The biggest challenge for us would be convincing the hostellers that abc gym is better than the fitness centre provided by the college, as students would feel that they are getting more sports facilities like swimming, squash, pool and more in a very low price.

 Other than this there are many gym clubs in sohna and gurgaon where people would prefer to go. And mainly our concern is that the biggest criteria that people would not want to leave there current gym would be the relation between them and their trainers and the staff. We are planning to deal with this is by recruiting a very promising and generous staff and personal trainers.


The main group of customers that we are planning to attract are from G D Goenka world institute, GD Goenka University and K.R. mangalam institute. Also the residents of sohna and gurgaon would increase the number. We are predicting that there will be at least hundred to hundred and fifty members joining the club in the first month and the number will gradually increase every month as the word spreads.


Abc gym will be the only elite gym in the area which has provision for all the necessary products and services to stay fit. It has different programmes for beginners and regulars.

The target is to to be mindful of our customers and the staff will be trained to have a ‘atitude of gratitude’ as ‘word of mouth strategy’ is a strong ally. Apart from this decent membership costs and many attractive packages will be offered to the people of sohna which will attract them to join the gym.

People of sohna will also be interested in joining the gym as we will provide best in class equipment and many other services not available in sohna.




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