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A Man Sent by God

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After reading the article, A Man Sent By God written by Paul Aronica, S.D.B., I realized that he is a very admirable person. From the start to the end of the article, he was very goal oriented person whom was very strong on the inside. Religion set his mind free and it helped it attain all that he achieved. But what impressed me most about Saint John Bosco was how he was motivated; and his motivation helped him become a renowned legacy.

When Saint John Bosco was young, he never had what we had - an easy life. As for us today, we have television, computers, and great opportunities in life. As for John Bosco, he had a farm and he worked hard as a laborer. Even when he was young, he told his mother, "I'm going to be a priest, and I'll talk to children all the time, and I'll do everything for them!" This shows that he was confident as a child and that is something I admire. Even when he saw troubled kids on the streets as a child, he knew that they were actually good; they just needed people to guide them. From this, he made an even bigger goal - to help troubled boys.

In order for Bosco to achieve his goals, he had to start off small so ended up making money on his own and teaching himself the English language. At such a young age, he was already dependent of himself already and that is impressive for an eight year old. He was so determined to learn, he had to hike three miles every morning to go to school to learn. I have never even walked to school, so knowing this really impressed me. He worked numerous jobs and I never even had a job, yet he still archived so much in life time. After working his way up in achieving his goal of helping others, he realized that he wanted to help boys - troubled boys. He told his friends "I'm going to be a priest," he told his friends, "and I'm going to give my life to the care of boys!"

Making goals is one thing, and actually achieving them is another thing. To start off, he helped a young kid on the streets and he actually talked to him. He made a friend and he brought him to the Mass where he helped him to become a better person. After that first boy, more and more came and soon enough, Bosco had almost too much on his hands. With so much on his hands, he was also limited because he did not receive a lot of money for what he was doing. He cared so much; he even dedicated his sleeping time towards helping others. From



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