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The Existence of God: Good and Evil Is It Man Made or God Made?

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Essay Preview: The Existence of God: Good and Evil Is It Man Made or God Made?

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The Existence of God: Good and Evil is it Man Made or God Made?

There are many different cultures around the world, one slightly different than the other, all with the same aim, a greater outcome with greater faith. Faith, devotion, and loyalty are some of the feeling that one has towards a greater being, which is God. Whether God exist or not it's debatable. One may argue that God does exist, others may not agree. It also raises the dilemma of good and evil who makes good and who makes evil? is it Man made or God made? Well regarding the existence of God a great philosopher Thomas Aquinas encourages the idea that there is a greater being or God. About good and evil, it's a little obvious but I have my own theory.

In this society the existence of God is an issue, does God exist? Well I've been a Christian Catholic ever since I was baptized, and of course I have asked my self that question numerous times in one situation more than in others, many times with endless nights asking myself who am I being so faithful to? And all come to the same answer God. Its in the Holly Book, the Big Book or simply the Bible. We see churches everywhere whether it is for the same God maybe, but there are many people that believe in someone greater than themselves. One may argue the characteristics of God: Good, Venerable, Pleasant, Peaceful, and so many different qualities which are widely shared with other people. God is what keeps us moving, it might not be physically but emotionally and mentally. We have our own will but still live at the will of a greater being. We fallow the Ten Commandments some of us don't miss church on Sundays or any other religious congregation. We try to live sin free to be in harmony with that greater being. Is it out of fear or respect it doesn't matter because we still do it. A philosopher by the name of Thomas Aquinas discusses the existence of God through the reading, The Five Ways. Thomas Aquinas argues that there is a greater Being that starts everything, for example, The third way Possibility and Necessity, he argues that something that may not exist at one time did not exist at all, therefore if nothing existed then nothing could have been brought to existence, so there must be something that did at one time exist, and that would be God. The logic says that a greater being does exist and it's called God. Whether God is everywhere it's questionable because we all like to think that he is, but it can't be everywhere at the same time. However if we follow his will, we tend to feel closer to that greater being.

Good and Evil it's everywhere cultures, countries, movies and everyday life. Many people often say that a catastrophe is a wrath of God. Such catastrophes as Tsunamis, Floods, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Famine you name it. Lately these phenomenons are very frequent, often with a deadly outcome. Many people say that God is punishing humanity because of bad behavior, which is a naÐ"Їve way to look at things. Let's start with tsunamis why? for the reason that there is tectonic plate activity on the sea floor, its true that its always active and we know that because of The Pangaea Theory, but maybe it was accelerated to be more frequent and at a deadly level because of all the atomic bomb testing over the sea. All those bombs that never made it to the military market had to be tested somewhere. The same thing goes to earth quakes all that digging for the precious black gold, makes the earth unstable at some point. Floods, Tornadoes, are all caused by us



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