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A Major Problem That Teenagers Come Across

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Essay Preview: A Major Problem That Teenagers Come Across

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Teenagers are surrounded daily by different issues and problems. Some know how to deal with them; others create bigger problems for themselves. A problem that a teenager could come across can vary in its extremity. A major problem, that forms from other problems, is drug and alcohol abuse/use. Drug and alcohol abuse has become a huge problem among teenagers. It can start for multiple reasons. Every person has a different reason. The most common reasons or excuses for teenagers are boredom, depression, the pure enjoyment of the feeling they get, the need or desire to be like or join everyone else, peer pressure, media, television, and celebrities. The problem that comes with the usage of drugs and alcohol is that it impairs judgement, and distorts the way one would normally function. Because of this, people do things that they normally would not do, which creates more problems. Multiple problems can occur from the use of drugs or alcohol, the worst being, teen pregnancy, rape, abuse, and or even death (to oneself or others).

When children are in grade school, it does not matter how they act or who they play with, but as they get older cliques form and they suddenly find the need of wanting to belong with a certain group. From this you have people "asking" you to do things that you necessarily would not do. They say that they will be your friend if you do what everyone else is doing. This is known as peer pressure. Most teenagers give in to this pressure because they want to feel as if they belong. They feel that if everyone else does it, then they should, because they do not want to be left out. Another reason teenagers do drugs or drink is because of the influence by the media, television, and celebrities. Teens see people who are their role models, drinking and getting high, and they want to be just like them. Teenagers and children today are highly influenced by television and celebrities to the point that they think that is how they should be living their life.

Another problem that teenagers face is depression. Because of this need to belong to a group and fit in to a certain clique, if it is not accomplished the teen feels lonely. This also goes if the cliques do not except this person. By being rejected, lonely, or isolated, that person becomes depressed, and once someone is depressed they turn to anything that will make them feel better, even if for only a short period of time. This is the worst time to be drinking or doing drugs, because you do not care what happens; you just want the hurting to go away.

Probably one of the most common reasons for anyone else who does not fit any of the other descriptions, is thrill seeking. Thrill seekers are the people who drink or get high just because of the pleasure they get from the feeling it creates. These are people who drink for pleasure, normally the ones doing the peer pressuring. They like the feeling of having no control and being wild and spontaneous. What they do not realize is the effect that they give to others, or the effects that happen because of that feeling of having no control. This is



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