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A Child Called It

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This book is about a boy named David that is treated very harshly. when he was five his mother was the nicest person in the world .His father was a fire fighter and wasn\'t

home much so his mother would take them on day trips to parks and other places. when he was older she started to make him put his face up against mirrors and if he moved he would be beaten. He would stand there till his Brothers would ask if David could come and play. as time went by "The Games" his mother would play became much more harsh, and she hardly ever feed him a real meal.

When he did his evening chores he would eat the morsels out of the garbage can but then his mother started to become susipisus and sprayed amonnia in the garbage. When he eat out of it he had gotten diarriea but his mother wouldnt let him go to the bathroom he just stood inthe basment and felt it dripping down his leg.Then one day hes mother called him into the kitchen and said "i read in magazine that one mother put her son on the stove" when she said ithe knew something bad was going to happen she grabbed his arm and put it over the fire it burnt.then she tried to put his body on the stove but he resisted he knew if he could what till his brother got home he would be fine. So he squrmed around for a while then he heard the door open and she stopped instantley.

She never acted like that when his brothers were home. One day at school he was so hungry and he couldnt steal food from the kids at school anymore because they caught on and locked there lunch in there cubbies. so he came up with a plan he would go to the store and steal food. So the next day he did it and made it to the store in record time so her put a box of cookies under his shirt and went back to school. when he got there he hide them in the boy bathroom trash and went to class.

Later in the day he went back to eat them but he was to late the janitor had emptied the trash already.But the next day he tried it again and it was a succses he enjoyed it so much. He continued till he was caught the store clerk caled his mother and she beat him more then every. When they went on vaction it was great he was aloud to play with his brothers and father.They were all about to go on the superslide but his mother made him stay back with her and his newborn brother he knew once his father left something bad would happen.

When he left his mother smeared his brothers dirty diaper. She then



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