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A Child Called It

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A Child Called IT

What did I learn from this book? The only thing that comes to mind when I'm asked that question is pain. I didn't know what real pain was until I tried to understand what this child went through. Everything that meant anything to him, his family, those who should be the closest, was drowned out. He didn't know what to think and so often in the world today, we are naive. We don't have a clue of how life could be, and of how lucky we truly are to have the kinds of backgrounds that we were blessed with.

On a more professional note, I learned that this type of obsession can take over one's life until they don't know what is real anymore. All they have in their mind is their uncontrolled illusion. It is really hard to not get angry at these people. One must realize that they are sick, they are unbalanced. Being mad at them for how they are could be compared to yelling at someone who's diabetic because of their abnormality. I am not saying this behavior is acceptable, but only that I have learned that there is much more in this world then meets the eye.

Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior. This study includes abnormal human behavior. You can't get very much more abnormal than David's situation. This book demonstrates severe mental problems and the effects it brought about.

I have had a little bit of experience dealing with a person with a slight amount of psychosis. This book very much reminded me of her, just by her reactions to certain events. Such as, doing things only when she is alone with the "victim." Whenever someone else would be around, she would be fine, a 'perfect human'. It is very scary to know that people in the world are actually this mentally unbalanced. A Child Called IT deals very much with the field of psychology, and it is shockingly accurate.

My reaction to this book is simple. I am in awe. I never knew that problems of this magnitude existed. I could never read the book multiple times, because for some reason, I don't want to comprehend the fact a person could be so ruthless. Of course we've all heard stories; Charlie Manson, Ed Gein, etc, but to hear it from this standpoint is incredible. To try to understand what must have been going on in his head is painful. Another startling point noticed is, he went from David, to the boy, and then finally to "it."



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