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A Child Called It

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New Stuff

What did I learn from this book? The only thing that comes to

mind when I'm asked that question is pain. I didn't know what real

pain was until I tried to understand what this child went through.

Everything that meant anything to him, his family, those who

should be the closest, was drowned out. He didn't know what

love was, he didn't have the pleasure of being tucked into bed. I

think that so often in the world today, we are naive. We don't

have a clue of how life could be, and of how lucky we truly are to

have the kinds of backgrounds that we were blessed with.

On a more professional note, I learned that this type of

psychosis can take over one's life until they don't know what is

real anymore. All they have in their mind is their demented

illusion. It is really hard not to be against these people. One must

realize that they are sick, they are unbalanced. Being mad at

them for how they are would be like yelling at someone who's

diabetic because of their abnormality. So, in short, I have

learned that there is much more out there in this world that meets

the eye.

Best Writing

One place where I found the best writing was on pages 59-61,

where he is able to describe in such incredible detail exactly how

things had gone on in his mind, and how he played the actions


Another place where I thought the writing was very good would

be on pages 84-88. In this section, he is describing the

accidental stabbing that had occured, and his little brothers total

lack of sensitivity towards the subject, and his saying that he had

seen her be more compassionate with animals than she had with


My last best writing place would consist of many places. These

are the places in which David is relying on his father to make

things all better for him, and his father loses battles, thus making

things all that much harder for David. The last part I would give

you for the best writing would be on page 149 where David's

father finally leaves and mutters those simple words that change

his life and beliefs of heroes completely, I'm sorry.

Psychology Area/Real?

Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior. This

study includes abnormal human behavior. You can't get very

much more abnormal than this. This book demonstrates severe

psychosis/neurosis and the effects it brought about.

I have had a little bit of experience dealing with a person with a

slight amount of psychosis. This book very much reminded me



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