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A Child Called It

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ÐŽ§A Child called ItЎЁ is an unforgettable story of the author, Dave PelzerÐŽ¦s childhood. He was a survivor of the third worst case of child-abuse in CaliforniaÐŽ¦s history. He was brutally beaten and starved by his insane mother until he was rescued by the nurse in his school and some police officers. The book started by describing how he was rescued on the day, and then Pelzer started to describe how he was abused. The way of description is so vivid that I can imagine what he suffered. He described how he kept warm when he slept in the basement in chilly days. ÐŽ§To stay warm, I had the newspapers wrapped around me, my body hear kept me warm.ЎЁ ÐŽ§In the darkness of the garage, I laid on the wooden cot and shivered until I fell into a restless sleep.ЎЁ Yet, his courage and determination to survive are often shown in the book. .ÐŽ§Another blow pushes my head against the tile down my face. Then she storms out of the kitchen, seemingly satisfied with herself. I breathe a sigh of relief. The act worked. Mother can beat me all she wants, but I havenÐŽ¦t let her take away my will to somehow survive.ЎЁ.ЎЁ For nearly ten days I had gone without food. I had just finished the dinner dishes when Mother repeated her ÐŽ§You have two minutes to eatЎЁ game. ÐŽ§You eat like a pig!ЎЁ Mother snarled. I acted as though I care. But inside I laughed at her, ÐŽ§Fuck you! Say what you want! I got the food!ЎЁ As seen in the incident, Pelzer is so tough even when he was severely abused by his mother. Although he is in such a bad situation, he doesnÐŽ¦t think of giving up his live.

I also like the language used in the book. It was developed from a childÐŽ¦s viewpoint. The tone and vocabulary reflect the age and wisdom of the child at that time. I am really eager to continue reading the book.



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