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A Child Called It

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Dave Pelzer tells the story of his troublesome childhood from the ages 4 to 12 that Dave suffered at the hands of his alcoholic mother. He talk about how she singled him out for no reason and chose to abuse him for her enjoyment. He had to abide by her strict rules and whatever she wanted of him. If she felt the need to beat him for no need then she would do it for her own satisfaction. She would not feed him and expect him to clean the house and obey her. The way he was treated were worse than animals were. He was forced to run to school while his brothers were driven to school by his own mother. His father had always promised that he would help and protect him, but never cane through with his promise, he left the home with out Dave. He was not allowed to participate in any social clubs and when he brought reports home from school which he was very proud of his mother would rip them up and throw them into the bin, and constantly tell him that he was not worthy of such praise. She would make him make him get into baths with ammonia so his body would burn, and put his arm on a live gas stove tops. His father is a frightened and weak who watches as his son get beat, starved and humiliated daily. David's brothers watch as their brother changes from a healthy young boy to a starving, physical wreck. After years of torture David is finally saved by teaching staff at his school. The school nurse kept a documented record of David's bodily wounds through his years of torture. Finally the law steps in to save an innocent child's life and David is placed in the care of the local authority.



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