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A Brief Look at Tv Technology

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Essay Preview: A Brief Look at Tv Technology

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A Brief look at TV Technology

In today's technological world buying technology can be difficult. For each device there are different numbers and letters that mean things or explain features. For this reason buying a TV nowadays is a lot different than it used to be. In the past, your only real choices were size, and either color or black and white. However, with the newer more advanced TV's it makes deciding a lot more difficult. If your going to spend a lot of money then you want to ensure that you are getting your money's worth. With a quick examination of the newer technologies and prices, I will help simplify the process.

Currently there are four types of TV's, three of which are most commonly high definition or HDTV's. The first is the most common and the cheapest, which is the Direct-View or Tube TV's. They provide the most bang for the buck. For example a 27" Tube TV is roughly $200. That is a tough price tag to match. The second is the Flat-Panel TV's most commonly known is the Plasma screen technology, however LCD or Liquid Micro Display is also popular. Plasma technology provides an extremely vivid color, which is why they are so popular. This is also why they are so expensive and hard to find in larger screen sizes such as 60" and up. Also plasma TVs rarely provide the highest screen definition, which is 1080p, which simply means 1080 pixels displayed progressively or in sequential order. Displaying blacks and other dark colors is also not one of these TV's strengths. However the colors they produce are unmatched. The third type is the Rear-Projection TVs which provide a large screen for a fairly decent price. There are several types including the older type the CRT, and the two newer version LCD projection, and DLP or Digital Light Processing. Both of these technologies provide a high quality image with a large percentage providing 1080p picture quality. They also produce deep blacks and excellent overall dark colors. Their downfall lies in their size and the fact that their bright color reproduction cannot compare to the flat-screen TVs. Lastly we have the front-projection TVs or simply projectors. These are more commonly used non-personally. They are popular among schools, businesses, and often sports teams and stadiums. They provide an extremely mobile picture, which can be projected to a very large



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