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39 Steps

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The 39 Steps

In class we left off where Mr. Hanna is staying at a farmers house, where the farmers wife wakes him up to tell him that the police are coming. She gives him her husband's coat and he runs out the back. The police see him and chase him. Mr. Hanna goes to a house that Pamela told him to go to, and it turns out to be the man without his pinky that Pamela warned him about. Crofter shoots Mr. Hanna but in the coat that he got from the farmer there was a book and the bullet hit that instead of him. Mr. Hanna goes to the Sheriff and tells him what happened. The Sheriff pretends to be on his side until more policemen show up to take him away. Mr. Hanna jumps out the window and escapes. He runs away from the police and goes into a random door, where there are people having a political meeting, and they think Mr. Hanna is someone else who is suppose to give a speech. Mr. Hanna wings it and gives a speech, which the crowd loves. A women whop recognizes him points him out and two men pretending to be police officers takes both of them away. Mr. Hanna discovers that they work for Crofter and he takes the women with him and escapes cause they are handcuffed together. They go to a hotel pretending to be a couple. They eat some food and then go to sleep. In the middle oif the night the women gets out of the handcuffs and is about to escape until she sees the two men that were chasing them and over hears them talking to Crofter about the 39 steps. She goes back to the bedroom, now believing Mr. Hanna and goes to sleep. She tells him the next morning what had happened and he leaves very quickly to Scotland Yard. Mr. Hanna goes to a playhouse where Crofter is. The girl also follows him there and they discover that it is Mr. Memory from the very begging of the movie that all the secret information is stored in his head. Crofter shots Mr. Memory and Mr. Memory tells a little of the information that he knows and passes away. And that is the end of the movie.



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