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Park City Needs to Take a Step Up

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Park City Needs to Take a Step Up

Park City Mountain Resort, the only resort in Park City that has night skiing available, a whole two runs are available. Park City Mountain resort for some odd reason only opens two lifts and two runs for night skiing.

I do not see why they would not open more runs for the night skiing session, from what I believe they would make more money. Right now not many people go night skiing because of the minimal selections. More people would go if more runs were to be open, possibly just the terrain park for all the riders in Park City training to become sponsored and win future competitions and possibly, someday, be on the new Park City All Stars Team, currently with J.P Walker, Jeremy Jones, Seth Huot, George Oakley, Chris Coulter, Michah McGinnity, and Chris Engelsman, some of the best riders out there today.

Park City Mountain Resort has evolved in many places, the new terrain park coming this year is designed by the very same builder who woks for the Winter X-Games, and the new All Star Team, the evolvement in the Park City Ski and Snowboarding teams, the new Super Pipe coming below the Eagle chairlift, but we have still not opened up extra runs for night skiing. What could it possibly hurt to add in a few extra lights and put a few more patrollers on the mountain, from my point of view the mountain would make more money from the kids wanting to get in that park, so why not?



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