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3 Day Diet Analysis

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3 Day Diet Analysis

I eat a lot of junk food or fast food from different restaurants. I have carpal tunnel in my hands, therefore does not allow me to lift objects like pots and pans. My food intake consist of Mountain Dew, Burger King Whopper, Burger King Fries, Coca Cola, Beef gravy, Pork Steak, Enriched Cornbread Mix, McDonald's Quarter Pound with cheese, McDonald's French Fries, Spaghetti with meat sauce, Garlic toast, Welch's orange soda, chicken wings, Red Hot- hot sauce, green bean in the can with water, and butter. Has one can tell eating these foods are hazardous to anybody's health if consumed on the regular.

The foods that provide protein are McDonald's Quarter Pound with cheese, McDonald's French Fries-medium, Coca Cola, breaded catfish-fried, Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, fried chicken wings, pork chops, Red Hot- hot sauce, green bean in the can with water, butter, Burger King Whopper, Burger King French Fries, beef gravy, pork steak, Enriched Cornbread Mix, and white rice.

The foods that contain lipids are Burger King Fries, fried chicken wings in vegetable oil, and butter.

According to the Food Guide Pyramid, I was well below the amount of calories; I gained ground because my sodium, fat, and cholesterol were above the amount needed. I had ½ ounce of grain, vegetables was 0, fruit was 0, milk was ½ ounces, and meat and beans were 1 ½ ounces

My protein-carbohydrate-fat intake was too high. I would get rid of both Mountain Dew and Coca Cola sodas plus stop cooking white rice cooked with fat. These foods I would remove to achieve my goal and keep other nutrients in balance.

Most of the foods I ate were complete protein. If the any of my foods were combined, they would not be complementary. It is important that the body receives complete protein in order to complete a millions of basic biological functions, from creating and using energy to digesting breakfast. The proteins are a cooperation of amino acids. Complete proteins have all eight amino acids. Incomplete proteins lack all eight amino acids.

I achieved 54 % intake of carbohydrates and my protein intake was 13%. I thought that using lots butter and vegetable oil plus all the fast food I have consumed would have caused my protein to be lower and carbohydrates to sky rocket out the roof. I was very surprise by the numbers.

According to My Net Dietary, (n.d.) "It is very important to reduce macronutrient consumption properly, as your body needs all of them - you cannot just stop eating fats (Customizing Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates, para. 3). The main function of macronutrients is to provide energy, counted as calories.

Consuming too much macronutrient can cause many health problems for people. Eating too much protein has been linked with dehydration ( Consuming too many carbohydrates causes your blood glucose levels to increase rapidly and then fall dramatically ( Weight gain is probably the most common symptom associated with macronutrient overdose ( Consuming too much protein has exactly the same effect with any excess being converted into body fat (

Consuming too little macronutrient causes many health problems. Some people are Anorexia and bulimic. The results of these illnesses are from not getting enough macronutrient. People bones show through their bodies and these people try to convince themselves that they do not need anything to eat. These type of diseases results in death.

My dietary fiber reads as followed; My DRI is 25 grams of dietary fiber and my intake is 13g which reads 50% o the recommendations. The soluble fiber is not determined and insoluble fiber is not determined. My intake was



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