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1950 Cars

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In the 1950's cars were a very important part of life. Whenever you watch a movie about that time period they always have big, fast, and flashy cars. Everyone always ends up racing each other in the end to see who has the+ fastest car. Two examples are American Graffiti and Grease. The cars they drove are known as stock cars. A stock car is a car which has had a few modifications made on it. In the early 50's this was the primary rule for Nascar racing.

What made these cars popular in the 1950's was the stock car races. People would come and watch 40 or more cars race at very high speeds in cars they could own themselves. Some of the more popular stock cars were; 1950 Oldsmobile, 1951 Hudson Hornet, 1956 Chrysler 300, 1957 Mercury, and 1959 Chevrolet. The auto makers started seeing that they were selling more cars after a particular model would win a race. This is when auto makers became more involved in stock car racing. They began providing race drivers with cars with the body of a show room model with high performance parts. People would go to the races see a car win and want to buy that model. I feel that the 1950's stock cars should be used for the new millennium stamp. The reason for this is not just because they look great, but because they represent that time period. It was a time when people were interested in fast cars and the price of gasoline was cheaper.



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