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In the summer time of the year 2000 this picture was taken. The photographer

was myself. I tried to capture the Oldsmobile Cutlass in the air off all four tires. The

person controlling the car was my friend June Rodean. We were attending a low rider

car show in English Town, New Jersey.

The car in this picture is an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with hydrolics.

This car also is equipped with the following: twelve inch spoke rims, custom paint job

called a bowling ball the color is called bowling ball because the paint is mixing together

like a bowling ball or a piece of marble, there is a string of neon blue outlining the

interior. It has several sound effects controlled by switches, by pressing the switch you

will be able to hear the siren of a police car, fire truck, ambulance, and other alert sirens.

The temperature that day was around ninety degrees. I was sweating a lot but the

excitement from the event kept my mind from heat. There was a large crowd there.

People of all races were cheering all the cars. As you could see not the only one taking

pictures. I had fun that day there was lots of girls. The air was filled exhaust fumes, burnt

rubber and fried foods.

I was able to take this picture while the car was eight inches off the ground. The

camera that I used was digital. Later on my friend printed out the picture I took from

using a computer. So the picture was able to be enlarged and you could see a large

amount off details. Overall the picture was taken on a bright



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