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An Oily Situation

Keeping a car in good running condition is one of the responsibilities in having a car. Changing the oil in the car is a good way to tune it. A jack, jack stand, wrench, oil and an oil bowl are all needed to do an oil change. With the jack, put it underneath the car under the jacking points. Jacking points are specific places under the car where the jack goes. Jack the side of the car high enough to where a person can fit comfortably underneath. Once it is jacked, put a jack stand there to take place of the jack and pull the jack out. Use the jack again the same way on the other side. Next, go underneath the front of the car and find the oil pan. The oil pan looks like a black pan with a screw on it. Once it is found, take the wrench and unscrew the bolt. Make sure the oil bowl is right under the screw. The oil should drain out. When all the oil is drained out, put the screw back in place and get out underneath the car. After that, find the oil cap and open it to put the new oil in. Finally, put the cap back on and jack the car back down. Learning how to change oil may be difficult at first, but learning how to do it can be a good experience for car owners.

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