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  • Jews


    A Jew's passion is for God. The first and most basic statement of the Jewish faith proclaims our love and faith in One God, and our commitment and covenant to serve Him with all our heart, soul and strength. Our prayers are full of praise for the Creator, echoing the

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  • Jews for Jesus and Jews for Judaism

    Jews for Jesus and Jews for Judaism

    In today's world there is racism, discrimination, and hatred towards ethnic groups, religions, and cultures. A very well known organization is Jews for Jesus. They are simply spreading their thoughts about their own beliefs. However, while doing this, they are slapping the Jews in the face after turning their backs

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  • Jews Marrying Jews

    Jews Marrying Jews

    Should Jews marry Jews or are they free to marry non-Jews? That is one of the most controversial issues that surround the Jewish world today. The Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform movements view this issue very differently. The Orthodox Jews view calls for much resentment because it comes across as a

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  • Jews, Christians, Greeks, and Romans

    Jews, Christians, Greeks, and Romans

    The Greeks, The Romans, The Jews, and the Christians were all important civilizations in Ancient History. Why? Because they all had a hand in forming what is now the government of the United States. All of these people had many similarities and many differences. For instance, the Greeks and Romans

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  • Jihad


    Islam, one of the world's great monotheistic religions, has Saudi Arabia as its heartland. The followers of Islam, called Muslims, believe in God - in Arabic, Allah - and that Muhammad is His Prophet.(Embassy of Saudi Arabia, 2006) Jihad means "holy struggle" which literally means to struggle in the way

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  • Jim Crow and the Kkk

    Jim Crow and the Kkk

    Jim Crow was a pre-civil war character in a minstrel show, A white man was made up as a black man by make-up, an incorporated character called Jim Crow, in 1832. Soon the term Jim Crow became on euphemism for “Negro” and the term Jim Crow Laws became a euphemism

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  • Jim Jones

    Jim Jones

    Chapter 5 1. What three functions did religious suicide perform in the Peoples Temple? Revolutionary suicide performed at least three functions within the worldview of the Peoples Temple. First, it functioned as a test of loyality to the cause; second, it was imagined as a way of avoiding a subhuman

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  • Job Discrimnation

    Job Discrimnation

    Job Discrimination In some way or another we have all experienced discrimination not only through race but also sex, a disability, religion and so on. How can we determine if discrimination is right in areas other than race? If we define discrimination from the Webster's dictionary it can be the

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  • Johann Arndt: German Lutheran Theologian

    Johann Arndt: German Lutheran Theologian

    Trong Dang – A11401534 Johann Arndt is a 16-17th century German Lutheran theologian. Although Arndt is well trained in theology due to his education at several universities, he believes that theoretical knowledge of God is inferior to the love of God. Inspired by the mystics Bernard of Clairvaux and John

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  • John


    Love is the greatest gift we can ever hope to give or receive. Love is the one thing that can overcome so many of the difficult times that we are faced with in life. Love is so powerful - it can turn frowns into smiles. It can help mend

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  • John Calvin Life

    John Calvin Life

    John Calvin 1. LIFE Few theologians have had more influence on Western Christian thought and culture than John Calvin, one of the fathers of the reformed branch of Protestant Christianity. Calvin was born in Noyon on July 10, 1509. Born to a Roman Catholic family of means, Calvin was schooled

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  • John Knox - Early Life

    John Knox - Early Life

    John Knox Early life Many of the details of Knox's early life are unclear. His place of birth is not known for certain, though Giffordgate, a suburb of the burgh of Haddington, East Lothian (16 miles/26 km east of Edinburgh), is the generally accepted location. He may have been born

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  • John Milton

    John Milton

    Milton was writing at a time of religious and political flux in England. His poetry and prose reflect deep religious convictions, often reacting to contemporary circumstances, but it is not always easy to locate the writer in any obvious religious category. His views may be described as broadly Protestant. As

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  • John Paul the 2nd's Life and Death

    John Paul the 2nd's Life and Death

    Pope John Paul II, had been the leader of the Roman Catholic Church since 1978. Before his death he had assumed a greater political role in world affairs than any other Pope in recent history. He was fluent in eight languages, and was a frequent traveler of the world and

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  • John Pipers - the Message - Burden of the Author

    John Pipers - the Message - Burden of the Author

    The Message/Burden of the Author To say that John Pipers' work is passionate is to present it with restraint. Let the Nations Be Glad spews passion! The object of that passion, from the preface to the conclusion, is the supremacy of God. The author challenges the reader to expand

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  • John the Baptist

    John the Baptist

    John the Baptist prepares the way! John obeys. God wants us to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. God wants us to repent for our sins. One of the deeds that John the Baptist had made and I really have a high regard for is when he prepared the

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  • Johns Theme Paper

    Johns Theme Paper

    The point of this story is that Jesus the one and holy one and no one can over pass him and that he can do anything that he wants to do and replicated many things with a few words. He means the first sign that he shows us will be

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  • Jonestown


    The Peoples Temple Doctrine & Religious Beliefs The Peoples Temple Church was formed on the basis of Christianity. They attached themselves to the Disciples of Christ denomination in Indianapolis, Indiana. They followed a version of the teachings of Jesus that was modified by their founder and leader, Jim Jones. They

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  • Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church

    Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church

    Joseph Smith Jr. was born in Sharon, Vermont on December 23, 1805. Smith was characterized as being literate, but far from well-educated. His family's rough existence led them across Vermont and eventually to Rochester, New York. It was here, in the spring of 1820, that Joseph Smith retired to

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  • Judaism


    Broadly speaking one could trace the history of Judaism back to the early religion of Israel, the religion that produced the Hebrew Scriptures that are known to Christians as the Old Testament. Here, however, we take Judaism to refer to the religion that was known to Jesus and his contemporaries,

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  • Judaism


    Judaism 1 A nation of Priests, Prophets, and Kings. While the Jews were still trying to find the holy land, the brother of Moses, Aaron, established a priesthood. They build the tabernacle, a large tent, it became the center for Jewish worship. In 1077 B.C. a member of the tribe

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  • Judaism


    Oprah is a firm believer of education and the power of learning. She advocates the importance of knowledge to help better the youth and future leaders. Through her own experience and adversity, she knows that the key to success besides hard work and determination is possession of good education. Taught

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  • Judaism


    Have you ever heard of a religion that has survived persecution and cruelty? Well I have, and it is called Judaism. Judaism has survived slavery in Egypt, and it has also survived the Holocaust in Germany. Judaism has been around for thousands of years. Judaism was first enslaved in Egypt

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  • Judaism


    Judaism is one of the oldest religions known to man. Judaism is a monotheistic religion, which is the belief in one divine creator. The Jewish know the creator as God, Elohim, Hashim or Yahweh. Judaism is a religion that was founded by Abraham who is known as the first Hebrew

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  • Judaism


    This paper will cover the origin of Judaism, comparison with Catholicism, an Interview of someone of Jewish faith, and a review of a temple site visit. There are many historical events and ancient practices to Judaism that I will review and elaborate on throughout this paper. Judaism is one of

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  • Judaism - Role of Women

    Judaism - Role of Women

    Stephen Gustofik 4/23/05 Mid-Term Paper #2 Judaism - The Role of Women If there are differences among various different cultures, it's the way they portray women. For example, the overall role of women in our society is mainly two different things - to clean the house, take care of the

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  • Judaism and Jesus Christ

    Judaism and Jesus Christ

    Lee Ann Powers Student ID # 244053 Professor Kevin Rawls Philosophy 104 February 5, 2007 Judaism and Jesus Christ Judaism is the first of the world’s oldest religions to believe in only one god. God made a covenant of grace with Abraham, who is considered the world’s first Jew. He

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  • Judaism in America

    Judaism in America

    There are several Judaic practices or basic teachings differentiated mainly by stringency, human and spiritual roles. Those practices include Orthodox, Hasidic Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed and Reconstructionist Judaism. Among these practices, there are various beliefs in what or who God is (or G-d, the name not written so that none may

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  • Judaism Life Cycle Outline

    Judaism Life Cycle Outline

     Brit Milah  Welcoming ceremony into Judaism for a boy  Includes circumcision  Covenant of Circumcision  Occurs 8 days after birth - VERY important, nothing interrupts  Ritual objects used:  Circumcision tools (anesthetic is possible according to some), tallit (prayer shawl), booklet with ceremony text, Elijah's

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  • Judas


    Ever since you told me what your YL leader said, I have been studying it. Once I got into the word, I realized that I had dealt with this topic before, when our leader was "testing" our response to "questions of contradiction." This is what I have concluded. First of

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