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Johns Theme Paper

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The point of this story is that Jesus the one and holy one and no one can over pass him and that he can do anything that he wants to do and replicated many things with a few words. He means the first sign that he shows us will be so great you won't have to thing twice to know it's Jesus. Jesus is portrayed as the good guy who turns the water into wine and then heals people. Mary's role in this story is the first woman. My opinion is that Jesus preformed this miracle because he didn't want that wedding to go bad because of no wine so he changed water into wine.

John means by darkness is evil and light is heaven. Eternal light is total happiness with god and you have nothing to worry about just peaceful time in heaven with no one to bother you.

The function of this story is that there was a Samaritan woman that couldn't get water from the well when the others were scheduled to go get water because of the things she has done earlier in her life. Luke's involved a guy and John's involves a girl. Faith is portrayed in this story by the woman that is not to be around the well when other people are around there getting there water doesn't get scared when Jesus comes to her and talks to her when no one is around and gives her faith and she is let back into the community. Jews customs are interacting and mingling with Samaritans because they spread the word by moving around on foot and some people stayed and were left there. This story is a challenge because it tests our faith and our believes to see if we would do that and help someone out that is in need.

The sayings that are about start out "Amen, Amen" are amen statements that are telling you basically to listen carefully because what he is about to say is very important. And they also mean that it is final. Jesus uses these statements right before parables and other things that he wants people to listen to him. Yes there is differences between the gospels of Jesus' sayings.

I am the bread of life, meaning that he is our power to live. I am come down from heaven, meaning that he is the holy one. Not to do mine own will, meaning that he will do ours too. But the will of him that sent me, to do our will. I am the bread which came down out of heaven, he is the life god sent to save us.



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