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  • Art


    Canada has a well established tradition of regulating the cultural activity of television broadcasting. It is my intention in this paper to look critically at these regulations and the social implications that they may have on the democracy of Canada. I hope to defend the thesis that the Canadian Broadcasting

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  • Art Is Indefinable

    Art Is Indefinable

    Art is Indefinable Art is indefinable because of its constant evolution. This evolution has taken place because art inherently has an aspect of human contribution and, therefore, is subject to progression in ways as numerous as its very creator's changes. There are two main reasons that illustrate the fact that

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  • Artemis - the Greek Goddess of Wildlife and Fertility

    Artemis - the Greek Goddess of Wildlife and Fertility

    Artemis, the Greek goddess of wildlife and fertility, had a very important role in Greek mythology. She did many things to people to protect what she believed in and cared about. Although she was worshipped a very long time ago, she is still very well known today. The daughter of

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  • Arthur Ashe and Robert Finn

    Arthur Ashe and Robert Finn

    In 1992 Arthur Ashe, the first black man to win the U.S. Open, announced at a press conference that he was HIV positive. He had been previously tipped that U.S.A today had been informed of the situation, and was going to print the story, and beat them to the chase.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    With it now being 2006 the technological advances within our society are phenomenal, branching from medical technology that include life saving devices such as artificial heart valves to D.N.A evidence that convicts suppressors of justice. The same advances in technology are also prevalent for Artificial intelligence; we now have robots

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Ali Margulius- 0520627 January 30th, 2007 Dr. Woodcock Philosophy 100-F02 Word Count: 1,180 A Robot In a Conscious World? Artificial consciousness, which can also be referred to as artificial intelligence (AI), aims to define whether or not engineered artifactsÐ'--such as robots, can be synthesized to be a thing of conscious

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  • Assesment of the Apology

    Assesment of the Apology

    Assessment of the Apology At this point in the Apology, Socrates is still being interrogated by the Athenian jury for his suspected crimes of heresy, sedition and corruption of the youth. It is also at this point that the final verdict on Socrates is presented and he is offered to

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  • Assess Hume's Reasons for Rejecting Miracles

    Assess Hume's Reasons for Rejecting Miracles

    Assess Hume’s reasons for rejecting miracles For Hume a miracle is a “transgression of a law of nature by a particular violation of the deity or by the interposition of some invisible agent”, and in his dismissal of miracles Hume argued not that miracles were impossible, but that it would

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  • Assess the Merits of Utilitarianism

    Assess the Merits of Utilitarianism

    Assess the merits of Utilitarianism (24 Marks) Utilitarianism is a theory aimed at defining one simple basis that can be applied when making any ethical decision. It is based on a human's natural instinct to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Jeremy Bentham is widely regarded as the father of utilitarianism.

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  • Assess Utilitarianism

    Assess Utilitarianism

    Utilitarianism, a form of consequentialism, is a philosophy that advocates mass pleasure for the majority. Although some utilitarian theories seek to maximise pleasurable consequences, (Hedonistic Utilitarianism, Act Utilitarianism), others seek to encourage rules that are seen as “right” (Rule Utilitarianism). However, all types of utilitarianism are defined by the principle

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  • Assisted Suicide

    Assisted Suicide

    Assisted Suicide for it or against it The topic I chose to do research on is assisted suicide, from reading the first assignment which was the article on Wolf's father death which made me think about the issues around life and death a little deeper. Since I lost a loved

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  • Athens


    Philosophy essay The state of Athens during 427 Ð'- 347 B.C. was loosely governed under the principle of democracy, allowing the individual (excluding women and slaves) freedom of choice and a right to be part of the political process. Plato, an Athenian philosopher, observed this scene as detrimental, claiming that

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  • Athletic Scholarship - the Good & Bad

    Athletic Scholarship - the Good & Bad

    Athletic Scholarship. The good & bad Athletes are dominated, managed, and controlled. They do not receive a wage compensation for their contribution to economic returns. Athletes are sometimes mistreated physically and mentally; and denied rights and freedoms of other citizens. The debate over whether or not to pay collegiate athletes,

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  • Atoms


    The beginning student of chemistry must have a knowledge of the theory which forms the basis for our understanding of chemistry and he must acquire this knowledge before he has the mathematical background required for a rigorous course of study in quantum mechanics. The present approach is designed to meet

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  • Atonement Ethics

    Atonement Ethics

    Atonement is to compensate, amend or satisfy a wrong. Briony is the one responsible for the wrong act that needs atoning. A lot was running through this thirteen year old mind before setting out with this act. Firstly, she witnessed what seemed to her as sexual apprehension between her sister,

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  • Augustine - Infinity and Time

    Augustine - Infinity and Time

    The question that I will be dealing with here concerns infinity and time, in dealing with this question we shall be focusing mainly on St .Augustine’s conception of these ideas though other references shall be made. The first concept that should be grappled with is the perception of time itself.

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  • Augustine's View on Beauty

    Augustine's View on Beauty

    Many will agree that beauty is an important part of life. From artwork to nature to physical beauty, we, as humans place beauty fairly high as something of importance. Augustine's view of beauty is rather simple: Beauty is a good thing, as long as it doesn't get in the way

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  • Austins Theory of Law

    Austins Theory of Law

    Laws in the most general sense are rules made by one intelligent being for the guidance of another intelligent being, the former having power over the latter. - All laws are a species of command, a command being an expression of a wish or desire that some other person do

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  • Autistic Persons Introduce an Innovative Way of Thinking

    Autistic Persons Introduce an Innovative Way of Thinking

    Autistic Persons Introduce an Innovative Way of Thinking Although "autism" brings to mind a picture of a child-mute, rocking, screaming, inaccessible, cut off from human contact; it seems that they can bring a new prospective to the world. This is a prospective that other people are not capable of seeing,

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  • Axiology


    Life is a characteristic of everything on this planet which is capable of growth, development, and reproduction. Imagine a life where you find yourself having a child; a product of poor contraception or even perhaps a rape. Now you are forced to raise this child in a home obviously not

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  • Ayer, Critique of Ethics and Theology

    Ayer, Critique of Ethics and Theology

    Ayer Ayer is a logical positivism, propositions need to be verfiable. Ethical propositions are neither true or false. 1) What are the four classes of ethical propositions that have been identified by Ayer? According to Ayer, which of these four classes constitutes ethical philosophy? The four classes are: (i) The

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  • Ayn Rand: Her Life and Philosophy

    Ayn Rand: Her Life and Philosophy

    Ayn Rand was a novelist and philosopher who influenced many people's way of thinking in very profound ways. She was born in Russia in 1905 and came to America at the age of twenty-one where she published her first novel, We The Living, in 1936. The Fountainhead was published in

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  • Ayn Rand: Self Interest

    Ayn Rand: Self Interest

    Ayn Rand: Self Interest Ayn Rand was a Russian-born American novelist and philosopher of the 20th century. She is widely known for being a passionate advocate of her philosophy: objectivism, which is the right to act in furtherance of one’s own life. Her philosophy is that man’s own happiness is

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  • Ayyavazhi Philosophy

    Ayyavazhi Philosophy

    Ayyavazhi அய்யாவழி (Tamil: "path of the father"), a Tamil monistic religion that originated in South India in the mid-19th century. The 'zhi' (ழி) in the word, 'Ayyavazhi', is a retroflex, ri. Ayyavazhi functions autonomously. But since it was not recognised as a separate religion it was officially considered as an

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  • Bad Grades

    Bad Grades

    "Last semester Lindsay Hutton "taught" 1,940 students. She met only 70 of them in person. Those were the ones enrolled in the two weekly sections of English composition that she taught in an actual classroom. The hundreds and hundreds of others she knew only as anonymous numbered documents she read

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  • Bakhai and Siddhartha

    Bakhai and Siddhartha

    1. Citing passages, page references, and edition, identify and discuss passages in Bakkhai and Siddhartha that suggest mysticism and passages that suggest pantheism. Pantheism is the belief that everything is God and that God is everything. God is not only inside the world, He is the very world process and

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  • Bartleby the Scrivener as a Romantic

    Bartleby the Scrivener as a Romantic

    "Bartleby the Scrivener" by Herman Melville is a very interesting story. It is in fact an allegory I believe. It is a great example of the debate between Neoclassicism and Romanticism. It is also a satire on the office world. Bartleby, the title character, is a Romantic living in a

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  • Baseball Ritual

    Baseball Ritual

    "Baseball Magic" The use of ritual magic is to ensure success over activities in which uncertainty and limited control exist. In baseball, players tend to have daily rituals which are seen as superstitious in order to ensure good performance. Players may eat the same meal in which they won last

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  • Basic Problem with Evil

    Basic Problem with Evil

    Basic Problem of Evil The problem of evil is an argument for the nonexistence of God. The basic argument from evil against the existence of God goes as follows: premise one states God is perfect, premise two states a perfect being would not allow unnecessary evil, premise three states there

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  • Beast to Human

    Beast to Human

    In the On the Genealogy of Mortality, Nietzsche presents ideas that seem to have a difference of opinion with everything we as humans have valued for centuries. The process of questioning morality and values seems to be the most promising area of examination that any person can reveal into. It

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