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  • Cause and Effect - the Difference of one

    Cause and Effect - the Difference of one

    Sometimes, I will be fascinated by the world because it is so majestic. It is made up of millions of people and deep down in every single one of their hearts, they have their stories, yet each so original. While walking down a busy road and seeing so many people

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  • Cause of Heavy Traffic

    Cause of Heavy Traffic

    Cause of heavy traffic Introduction: Picture this: You get up and go to work at 8 in the morning. When you get to I-285, I-85, or 141, you hit the rush hour traffic. You look into the cars around you; you can see people eating his Mc Chicken. Or someoneÐ'ÐŽÐ'Їs

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  • Cave and Apology

    Cave and Apology

    Socrates was a philosophical man who lived his life asking prying question in order to guide others to the truth. This manner along with his knowledge and other traits led him to be put on trial for failing to recognize the gods represented by the state, creating new gods, and

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  • Censorship - Whose Voice?

    Censorship - Whose Voice?

    Jackson Browne has been a vocal and eloquent advocate of social justice for over three decades. He has spoken out against US foreign policy, particularly as it applies to Central America, and his music has affected change through the increased social awareness of his large fan base, fans who are

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  • Change


    There have always been the men and women who have gone against their own society to challenge beliefs, in order to find new ways of proving theories true and false, for instance the great scientist Galileo, who challenged his countries own beliefs to try and prove his own theories, but

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  • Change the Venue - Spinoza's Solution to the Mind/body Problem

    Change the Venue - Spinoza's Solution to the Mind/body Problem

    Change the Venue: Spinoza's Solution to the Mind/Body Problem In what way is our mind different from our body? What relationships exist between the physical world and the mental? These are questions that philosophers have struggled to answer since the time of the ancient Greeks. In his work Meditations on

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  • Chaning the Social Contract

    Chaning the Social Contract

    Ð'* In the following two essays we will consider the social responsibility of corporations. So putting aside the questions of whether corporations are persons or not or what rights and obligations corporations may have, we now consider whether corporations or CEOs owe anything to the public good? Whether corporations can/ought

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  • Chapter 10 of Locke

    Chapter 10 of Locke

    The majority, upon entering into a commonwealth, get to choose their form of government. They may choose a democracy, in which case they retain the legislative powers for themselves, an oligarchy, in which they submit that legislative power to a few select persons, or a monarchy, in which they give

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  • Charles Mills' the Racial Contract

    Charles Mills' the Racial Contract

    Charles Mills' The Racial Contract Theses 8, 9 and 10 I. Thesis 8: The Racial Contract tracts the moral/political consciousness of (most) white moral agents (Most controversial chapter) a. A naturalized account (actual) will help to lead to a prescription. Based on a racialized moral psychology (p.93): Whites act racist

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  • Charles Taylor

    Charles Taylor

    In The Politics of Recognition Charles Taylor explores the possibility that in order to affirm individuals' equal dignity, we must acknowledge their cultures. He claims that individual identities are socially and dialogically constructed. That is why recognition is important. It shows how the study of identity and its politics is

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  • Charmides


    There were many things that intrigued me while reading the Charmides. However, what intrigued me the most was the erotic situation in the beginning of the dialogue. What I find most memorable about Socrates in the Charmides is his how awestruck and irresistibly attracted he is to Charmides. The desire

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  • Charvakas


    The Charvakas were a group of philosophers of India around 600 BC. They believed that there was no soul and that death was the end of all existence. They believed entertainment of this life in the bodily form should be the chief purpose of life. Anything beyond the senses was

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  • China


    The advent of China as a semi-superpower since the end of the Cold War has led to speculation of the U.S. role in East Asia. One such author that examines this new balance of power in the region is Thomas J. Christensen who offers recommendations towards finding a middle ground

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  • Chinese Philosophy

    Chinese Philosophy

    While Daoism and Confucianism are commonly perceived as two contradictory schools, because of their opposite ideas towards the relationship between individual and society, education, ethics, and so on, but still they are in line with one another in many aspects. For example, one of Laozi’s Daodejing’s basic idea is that

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  • Chisholm and Free Will

    Chisholm and Free Will

    Before I begin it is pertinent to note the disparate positions on the problem of human freedom. In "Human Freedom and the Self", Roderick M. Chisholm takes the libertarian stance which is contiguous with the doctrine of incompatibility. Libertarians believe in free will and recognize that freedom and determinism are

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  • Christian Ethics

    Christian Ethics

    Excursus: What is “good” according to the Roman Catholic Tradition? (Ref. Gula, Richard. 1989. Faith Informed By Reason) The nature of the concept good is the full realization of any beings’ potential, or to achieve perfection. The innate tendency within the human person to seek perfection is the ontological basis

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  • Christian Faith in a Postmodern World

    Christian Faith in a Postmodern World

    Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Since the first century, there have been many schools of thought concerning the existence of God and faith in his true nature. We find that from the time before Christ came to earth as God incarnate, up

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  • Christian Philosophy

    Christian Philosophy

    Christian philosophy is a catch-all expression for a two-millennia tradition of rational thought that attempts to fuse the fields of philosophy with the religious teachings of Christianity. How one can "reconcile" Christianity with philosophy, or not As with any fusion of religion and philosophy, the attempt is difficult because classical

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  • Christian Worldview Vs. Secular Worldview

    Christian Worldview Vs. Secular Worldview

    CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW VS. SECULAR WORLDVIEW Every system of thought, every worldview has a concept of God. This even applies to the atheist because whatever a philosophy or religion chooses as its foundation is its God. Our entire western civilization was built on Christian principles. Today there are many views of

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  • Christianity and Fate

    Christianity and Fate

    Christianity and Fate There are many references in the poem to the Christian belief in one almighty God who takes a personal interest in human affairs. Beowulf and Hrothgar give praise to God for the defeat of Grendel. The outcome of battles is attributed to the judgment of God, and

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  • Christians & Communists Against Jean-Paul Sartre's Existentialism

    Christians & Communists Against Jean-Paul Sartre's Existentialism

    The Main issue with J.P. Sartre's Existentialism with both Communists and Christians seems to be that that the Communists and Christians do not accentuate enough on individualism compared to the, and that the world is big and hence society must be a whole and equal. Christians believe that life is

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  • Civil Disobedience

    Civil Disobedience

    Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" Major Themes Civil Government and Higher Law. In Civil Disobedience, Thoreau's basic premise is that a higher law than civil law demands the obedience of the individual. Human law and government are subordinate. In cases where the two are at odds with one another, the individual must

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  • Classical Philosophers

    Classical Philosophers

    Classical Philosophy The golden age of Greece was an age of thinking, of knowledge, and of the arts. Some of the greatest minds of any time projected their ideas upon the masses. They were called philosophers. These were men whose minds developed some of the most abstract and revolutionary ideas

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  • Classical Philosophers Take on Knowledge

    Classical Philosophers Take on Knowledge

    Sean Philosophy 1102 SHU, Spring 2005 The workings of the mind have been the focus of philosophers from the beginnings of humanity. One primary focal point that has been pondered over by numerous thinkers is what exactly constitutes knowledge. At first glance the issue seems to be cut and dry

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  • Classroom Assessment

    Classroom Assessment

    The primary distinction between internal and external assessment are the teachers. Teachers are expected to use classroom assessment as part of the job. There are a variety of ways teachers assess students in order to monitor progress, to grade performance and to modify instruction. But the manner in which teachers

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  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Management

    Philosophy Paper My philosophy on classroom management is first learning and knowing the different rolls that a teacher plays on an everyday basis. I didn't know until this class that a teacher had so many rolls to play during the day. He or she may be the judge, parent, bad

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  • Clifford V.S James

    Clifford V.S James

    In our last class we examined the argument of William Clifford, and William James. In this essay I will simply examine the two opposing sides. Clifford takes the side of Evidentialism. Evidentialism is the standing that for a belief to be knowledge, it must be supported by evidence. According to

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  • Cloning


    Cloning If you had a chance to clone yourself right now, would you? Some people may favor cloning when they first think about it because it would be an amazing experience to meet yourself but it is a major risk for the society to take. There are still many thought

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  • Cloning


    On July 9, 2001, Physician's Weekly printed an article regarding the outlaw of reproductive cloning on humans and whether or not congress should ban it. U.S. Rep. James Greenwood took a strong stance opposing reproductive cloning while Mark D. Eibert chose to explain why reproductive cloning should be legal, primarily,

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  • Cloning


    CLONING 1. Should society regulate the practice of surrogacy? In what ways? How should it deal with surrogate mothers who change their minds? I think that society should regulate the practice of surrogacy. It is a dark market in which babies are the commodities. There are too many babies/children that

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