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  • Computer Intelligence

    Computer Intelligence

    Can computers think independently and do they have "minds"? This question has been the topic of countless, bad movies since the 1950s as well as a number of science fiction novels. We all believe that we have minds. It is something that is taken for granted but what exactly is

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  • Concept of Consciousness

    Concept of Consciousness

    An individual is somewhere in space-time, and not somewhere else. Except for God, of course, who was invented to instantiate all contradictions in blessed harmony. He's everywhere and everywhen, though at the same time, as it were, not in time or space[3]. But the upshot of this is that every

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  • Concept of God

    Concept of God

    Rousseau said, "Man is by nature good, it is civilization tht ruins him." What does the Bible have to say about this? First of all, in the beginning when their were no sins on this world, man is good. In the book of Genesis (1:31) God have created the body

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  • Concept of Liberty

    Concept of Liberty

    The concept of liberty has been explored and defined by political theorists for centuries. Two such political thinkers are John Locke, who wrote Two Treatise of Government, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who wrote The Social Contract. Locke and Rousseau have both similar and different ideas on how society should be constructed

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  • Conception of Happiness

    Conception of Happiness

    Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics is an expression of Aristotle's view of what happiness is. Aristotle's "happiness" relates to the Greek word "eudaimonia", which refers to flourishing and living well. Aristotle believes that eudaimonia is the highest end, or telos, in life. Aristotle uses the word telos when he refers to an

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  • Concerning Suicide

    Concerning Suicide

    Concerning Suicide It seems absurd that a man can injure himself (volenti non fit injuria [= to the willing no injustice is done]). The Stoic therefore considered it a prerogative of his personality as a wise man to walk out of this life with an undisturbed mind whenever he liked

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  • Condoms in Private Schools

    Condoms in Private Schools

    Chapter 1 вЂ" Introduction Purpose The purpose of this paper is to educate young Americans on the risks and effects of teenage pregnancy. It will focus on ways to prevent teen pregnancy such as: abstinence, contraception, safer sex. This paper will also include ways to deal with pregnancy at a

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  • Confessions


    Confessions Paper "We can hardly regard this as a trivial matter. But nothing can restore hope to us except your mercy, known since you began to transform us. You know how great a transformation you have brought about. You cured me in the first place of my lust for self-justification

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  • Confidentiality


    Confidentiality refers to an ethical principle associated with several professions for example; medicine, law, religion, and journalism. In ethics, and in some places in law, some types of communication between a person and one of these professionals are "privileged" and may not be discussed or divulged to third parties. In

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  • Conflict Between History and Geography in Australia

    Conflict Between History and Geography in Australia

    Ever since the beginning of the 20th century Australia has faced a difficult choice. The country needed to choose between its history and its geography in terms of politics, economics and security. Over time, this choice has been extensively regarded and debated with the resulting outcomes being at times extremely

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  • Conflict Between Regionalisation and Globalisation

    Conflict Between Regionalisation and Globalisation

    The argument between regionalisation and globalisation is very vocal and considerably long-standing. Evidence in support of each is plentiful; however, it is the opinion of this author that evidence in support of regionalisation has greater merit, at least at the present time. This work will seek to critically analyse the

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  • Conflict Resolution Within a Team

    Conflict Resolution Within a Team

    Conflict Resolution within a Team In an ever changing society more and more companies are incorporating training and moving towards and embracing a team working environment to improve product, services and processes. In a study that looked at reducing conflict between team members, it was found that the most effective

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  • Conformity


    Feelings of disgust fill me when I observe the identity of an individual being crushed by the widespread need to fit in with society and be like everyone else. Differences in character, appearance, and emotion are created by unique pasts, and form the foundation for personal beliefs. When these differences

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  • Confucian Philosophy and Corporate Responsibility

    Confucian Philosophy and Corporate Responsibility

    Freedom devoid of responsibility would result in the collapse of the social network. It would cause strife among individuals, between individuals and society, and essentially would lead to the sacrifice of the future in order to fulfill short-term desires. Coming under much scrutiny for allegedly doing just this is today's

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  • Confucianism


    Matthew Swift THA 379 Dr. Etling Confucianism The teachings of Confucious revolve around living a viruous life. In his view a world in which everyone holds themselves to a high standard of virtuous thought and action is an ideal world. He believes that the common good is attained through the

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  • Confucianism


    Confucianism, the philosophical system founded on the teaching of Confucius, who lived from 551 BC to 479 BC, dominated Chinese sociopolitical life for most of the Chinese history and largely influenced the cultures of Korea, Japan, and Indochina. The Confucian school functioned as a recruiting ground for government positions, which

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  • Confucianism, Daoism & Legalism

    Confucianism, Daoism & Legalism

    Amidst the chaos of political instability and constant warring of the Zhou era, arose many intellectual thinkers that brought such profound impact in the field of politics, religion and philosophy. Even to the day, their influence can be espied in the many matters of China. Confucianism became the paramount school

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  • Confucius


    1) The central message or thesis of this essay is that pro football players suffer a lot of injuries playing the sport. These injuries are a result of war like sportsmanship, the attitude of coaches, and the cheer of the crowd. 2) When McMurty says organized football is like war

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  • Confucius Analect II

    Confucius Analect II

    Analect II (1-21) In this particular analect, I believe Confucius is talking about the government. Confucius's writings suggest that a ruler should govern with a straightforward style that consist of principles of goodness and morality. For example, in II (1), he says "he who rules by moral force is like

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  • Confucius and Plato: Two Teachers of the East and West

    Confucius and Plato: Two Teachers of the East and West

    Confucianism & Chinese Culture Confucius and Plato: Final Assignment Submitted on 2015-10-28 Page Break 1. Introduction Separated by over 8000 kilometres but only 52 years, Confucius and Plato both lived in an era when their geopolitical world was fractured in many small states often fighting each other. Both had travelled

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  • Confuscious


    According to tradition, Confucius was born in the state of Lu (present-day Shandong Province) of the noble K'ung clan. His original name was K'ung Ch'iu. His father, commander of a district in Lu, died three years after Confucius was born, leaving the family in poverty, but Confucius nevertheless received a

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  • Confusious and the Perfect Gentlemen

    Confusious and the Perfect Gentlemen

    Confucius and the Perfect Gentlemen April 2, 2013 In The Analects, Confucius describes the ideal person or what is otherwise known as the perfect gentleman. This person in his eye's, is not motivated by gain or by specific political beliefs, but rather what is right in every situation. The life

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  • Connections Between Truth and Belief

    Connections Between Truth and Belief

    Culture is the set of rules and norms, both written and spoken, in which build an individual's way of living. It affects mostly all parts of our life, as it shapes a person's way of thinking. Culture has given a major role in our actions and it is likely to

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  • Consciousness and Reductive Thinking

    Consciousness and Reductive Thinking

    Consciousness and Reductive Thinking Matt Midtgaard I. Introduction My goal in this paper is to determine if it is possible to reductively explain consciousness with regards to the mind/body problem. I will be using a few philosophers to help me determine if consciousness can possibly be explained using science such

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  • Constructivist Teaching and Learning Models

    Constructivist Teaching and Learning Models

    Constructivist Teaching and Learning Models Pathways Home Constructivism is an approach to teaching and learning based on the premise that cognition (learning) is the result of "mental construction." In other words, students learn by fitting new information together with what they already know. Constructivists believe that learning is affected by

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  • Consultant Scenario Paper

    Consultant Scenario Paper

    Consultant Scenario Paper GEN 480 February 28, 2007 Abstract This paper discusses the creation of "Just in Time Consulting" and explains the types of services the firm offers to clients. It also explains the roles/responsibilities of each member of the team, and analyzes which University of Phoenix courses helped in

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  • Continental Philosophy

    Continental Philosophy

    Continental philosophy in regards to existentialism and phenomenology were brought to life through centuries of philosophical thinking. This form of philosophy can be traced back to Georg Hegel as his influence spread like wildfire through the centuries. Starting with Hegel, the following describes contributing philosophers and the main principles that

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  • Continental Philosophy

    Continental Philosophy

    The history of existentialism and phenomenology in Continental philosophy was in direct response to Hegel's philosophy of idealism. Roots of this history can be traced all the way back to Pre-Socratic philosophies. Hegelian idealism faced tremendous disagreement from the key contributors of existentialism and phenomenology, and this difference of opinion

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  • Continental Philosophy

    Continental Philosophy

    Existentialism, philosophical movement or tendency, emphasizing individual existence, freedom, and choice, that influenced many diverse writers in the 19th and 20th centuries. Major themes because of the diversity of positions associated with existentialism, the term is impossible to define precisely. Certain themes common to virtually all existentialist writers can, however,

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  • Continental Philosophy's Existentialism and Phenomenology

    Continental Philosophy's Existentialism and Phenomenology

    Continental Philosophy's Existentialism and Phenomenology Various identifiable schools of thought such as: existentialism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, deconstruction, and critical theory can be found within Continental philosophy. Existentialism and phenomenology can be traced back to the 19th century and to the pre-Socratics. A few of the main themes from existentialism are: Ð'*

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