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Prometheus Bound

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One of the themes of Prometheus Bound is that of creation but more specifically that of growth and development mentally and physically which ties into the theme of power. Prometheus begins his torture being pitiful and full of sorrow wanting the chorus and his friend Oceanus to have sympathy for him, but throughout the play he becomes calmer and more analytical of his situation. Another example of growth and development is that of the human race. Without the help of Prometheus and his knowledge they would have been wiped by either their own accord or that of Zeus.

… to the several gods their several privileges and portioned out the power, but to the unhappy breed of mankind he gave no heed, intending to blot the race out and create a new (232-235).

With this knowledge of the human’s destruction, Prometheus took pity upon them and decided to take matters into his own hands. He gave mankind the power to make medicines, interpret signs of nature, and mine; “every art of mankind comes from Prometheus (507).” With these gifts humans advanced their level of intelligence, prosperity, and manner of living by far then what they had before. As the humans grow into their own selves they begin to develop a united power against the gods especially Zeus who is no longer able to destroy them. Also with the growth and development of the mankind, the change of power would arrive soon in the form of Zeus’s demise and Prometheus’ rescuer.

In our society today we are advancing in all levels at a rapid rate. Medical science seems almost futuristic with the progress on cures and detections of cancers, tumors, and everyday human malfunctions like male pattern baldness, acne, and erectile dysfunction. Another area we are growing and developing in is in that of technology. Robots, bionic limbs, holographic screens, and smarter and smarter computers, there is no end to the possibilities that researchers and inventors are coming up with today. As we come up with these products of advancement we believe that they are our rescuers and solutions to our problem… but are they? There is the strong possibility that in reality as good as they may seem they are our demise. How intelligent will artificial intelligence become? Will it be to a point where mankind must flee for their safety against their own creations such as Zeus to humanity? How moral can we say we are when we are meddling



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