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Classroom Management

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Philosophy Paper

My philosophy on classroom management is first learning and knowing the different rolls that a teacher plays on an everyday basis. I didn't know until this class that a teacher had so many rolls to play during the day. He or she may be the judge, parent, bad guy, social worker, counselor, reference, advisor, educator, and the equal person.

I also learned that I will run into different types of students. More than what I expected as a student in class now. You have the bully, leader, follower, instigator, and the escape goat which in other words is the victim. To find out who and what is what, you will but the students in groups to pinpoint who is playing what roll.

There will also be a time when you run into the parents of the students. So with Redl and Wallenberg's they opened my eyes on how and what to say to a parent. The very first thing you say when you as the teacher, see that something is unusual about the student, you tell the parent, "I concurred about you child." Then as the teacher I would proceed to tell the facts that I have gathered to let her of him know that I feel something is wrong of has occurred. This is something I would definitely need to know because it in my classroom procedures as a negative consequences.

As the teacher, I should know what is going on in all parts of my classroom at all times. That's when I began to use witnesses momentum, smoothness, group alerting, accountability, overlapping and satiation. All of these will play a big part of my teaching profession.

I then move on to five types of teachers that you will end up being according to Dreikur and the Canters. Dreikur says that I could end up as an autocratic, democratic, of a permissive teacher. Let me explain what those different types of teachers are. The autocratic teacher means that its left up to the teacher the Democratic is the opinionated teacher, and last but not least is the permissive teacher which is the in unpredictable teacher. According to the Canters, the three types of teachers are the Hostitle, Non-Assertive and the Assertive teacher. The Hostitle teacher views the students as adversaries. The non-assertive teacher takes a passing approach to students, and last the assertive teacher clearly, confidently, and consistently, express class expeditions to students.

The main thing I learned from Dreikur is something every teacher should remember. It is what a teacher should day and do to his or her students. Always speak in positive terms; Encourage students to strive for improvement, not perfection; Emphasize a student's strengths while minimizing weakness; Help students with how



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