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  • Archaeological Methods

    Archaeological Methods

    Ancient History Archaeological methods How to excavate ancient Objects 1 Measure up a grid system, letter and number grids 2 Datum point 3 Baulk walls 5cm across 4 take level down evenly with trowel and dust pan 5 Sift dug dirt as not to have missed anything 6 once an

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  • Archimedes


    Archimedes Archimedes is one of the greatest Greeks in history, considering his contributions in different aspects of mathematics and science. He was a geometer, mathematician, an astronomer and an inventor. Archimedes was born in the year 287 B.C.E., in the city of Syracuse on Sicily, an island near the toe

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  • Architecture as a Political Device

    Architecture as a Political Device

    Through the architecture, a place of worshipÐ'--whether it's an ancient Sumerian temple or a Gothic churchÐ'--not only becomes a conduit to the heavenly, but a political device as well. Ð'* In the ancient Sumerian city of UrukÐ'--circa 3500 BCÐ'--the "White Temple" was built atop a zigguratÐ'--a man-made mountain. o Dedicated

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  • Architecture of the Giza Egypt Pyrymids

    Architecture of the Giza Egypt Pyrymids

    Architecture of the Giza Egypt Pyrymids The Egyptian Pyramids are one of the greatest engineering achievements in the history of the world. Five thousand years ago, before the invention of computers, electronics, steam engines, iron, screws, or pulleys, and without knowledge of electricity, calculus, or hydraulics, a civilization for a

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  • Architecture of the Middle Ages

    Architecture of the Middle Ages

    Architecture of the Middle Ages Ð'...Ð'.... HUM100 Ð'- Introduction to the Humanities Introduction When thinking of medieval or gothic architecture, one can't help but think about the giant castles and beautiful churches that are spread across Western Europe. The castles and churches are definitely a great example of medieval architecture;

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  • Are Elephants Eloving?

    Are Elephants Eloving?

    Elephants are starting too evolved thanks to the threat of poachers. Now in days elephants are being born with shorter or no tusks. Poachers killed the elephants for their tusks because they are valuable to them. What poachers do not understand is that tusks are important to the elephants. Tusks

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  • Are the "greenhouse Effect" and "ice Age" Similar?

    Are the "greenhouse Effect" and "ice Age" Similar?

    Are the "Greenhouse Effect" and the "Ice Age" Similar? The Ð''greenhouse effect' and the Ð''Ice Age' are two separate things, but they are very similar to each other. The biggest similarity between them is how they changed, or, in the greenhouse effect's case, will change the environment. The one major

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  • Are the Greeks Perfect?

    Are the Greeks Perfect?

    Are the Greeks Perfect? When other countries were discussed, mainly their technological advances, Herodotus clearly displayed his belief that Greece was the ultimate standard of perfection. Having been born in Halicarnassus of Asia Minor, a Greek settlement, Herodotus inherited the natural patriotism for his home country. His way of exalting

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  • Are the Similarities Between Italian Fascism and German National Socialism More Significant Than the Differences?

    Are the Similarities Between Italian Fascism and German National Socialism More Significant Than the Differences?

    Fascism was an totalitarian political movement that developed after 1919 as a reaction against the political and social changes brought about by World War 1 and the spread of socialism and communism. It flourished between 1919 and 1945 in several countries, mainly Germany, Spain, Italy, and Japan. Fascism is a

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  • Aren't I a Woman?

    Aren't I a Woman?

    Ar'n't I A Woman? Ar'n't I a Woman? Written by, Deborah Gray White shows the trials and hardships that African American Women faced during the years of the infamous plantations up to the civil war. In this book White describes how the images of "Jezebel" and the "Mammy" and how

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  • Argentine Caudillo: Juan Manuel De Rosas

    Argentine Caudillo: Juan Manuel De Rosas

    Argentine Caudillo: Juan Manuel de Rosas In the year 1829 Argentina was faced with a conflict between two social and political groups to determine the future of the nation. Juan Manuel de Rosas, a federalist, became governor of Buenos Aires that same year starting a period of terror, tyranny and

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  • Argicultural Structures

    Argicultural Structures

    Agricultural structures often reflect the culture of a particular society. An example of this is the Great Wall of China. Another example is the Egyptians Pyramids. Each of these structures echoes the culture of the people who built them. The Great Wall of China was built during the rain of

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  • Argument Paper

    Argument Paper

    A question that was posed to be examined was how the Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, and the Byzantine Empire maintained cultural, economic, and social stability or why they failed and collapsed? The best way to answer this question is to examine their military powers, along with common cultural philosophies to

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  • Argumentation and Persuasion

    Argumentation and Persuasion

    Essay Three Argumentation and Persuasion Despite the die-hard commitment of many Boston Red Sox fans, the New York Yankees remain, by far, the most accomplished team in Major League Baseball. The rivalry between New York and Boston is not a new phenomenon at all. This resentment has existed since shortly

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  • Aristotle


    Aristotle (Greek: Αριστοτέλης Aristotelēs; 384 BC Ð'- March 7, 322 BC) was an ancient Greek philosopher, student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. He wrote many books about physics, poetry, zoology, logic, rhetoric, government, and biology. Aristotle, along with Plato and Socrates, are generally considered as the three

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  • Arizona Underground

    Arizona Underground

    Site: Info: ARIZONA 1. Arizona (Mountains) (not on map) Function: Genetic work. Multiple levels 2. Fort Huachuca, Arizona (also reported detainment camp) Function: NSA Facility 2. Luke Air Force Base 3. Page, Arizona Tunnels to: Area 51, Nevada Dulce base, New Mexico 4. Sedona, Arizona (also reported detainment camp)

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  • Armed Conflict Is the Most Serious Consequence of the Conflict in Sri Lanka

    Armed Conflict Is the Most Serious Consequence of the Conflict in Sri Lanka

    Armed conflict is the most serious consequence of the conflict in Sri Lanka. Do you agree with the statement? Explain your answer. I agree to a large extent that armed conflict is the most serious consequence of the conflict in Sri Lanka. Armed conflict is a serious consequence of the

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  • Armenian Genocide

    Armenian Genocide

    After World War II and the holocaust, a man named Dr. Lemkin came up with the term genocide to describe what had happened. The UN then came up with the "Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide." In this the UN defined what the term "genocide"

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  • Arpanet


    The Network Working Group's development of open technical documentation - the RFC - was a necessary step to technical advancement. Steve Crocker explains the importance of openness in a developmental situation: "The environment we were operating in was one of open research. The only payoff available was to have good

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  • Art

    Art Art Nouveau period (1890-1914 Art Nouveau is an elegant decorative art style characterized by intricate patterns of curving lines. Its origins somewhat rooted in the British Arts and Crafts Movement of William Morris, Art Nouveau was popular across Europe and in the United States as well. Art Nouveau

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  • Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt

    Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt

    The art and architecture of ancient Egypt is known to almost every person, as it is so distinct from other cultures' works. Ranging from wall paintings of Anubis and Horus, to the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, the artwork is not exactly new to many. Though the creators of the

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  • Art and Architecture of Latin America

    Art and Architecture of Latin America

    To begin addressing this assignment first I must define what art is throughout the weeks I have been enrolled in “Art and Architecture of Latin America.” To me what I have come to interpret is that art doesn’t necessarily have to involve paper, pencil or paint. Art is something that

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  • Art and Visual Culture - Mother and Child

    Art and Visual Culture - Mother and Child

    Art and Visual Culture Assignment 3: Mother and Child 3/7/06 ASSIGNMENT 3: Mother and Child Throughout art history, artists have used the theme of mother and child for religious purposes, for cultural purposes, and for expressing the strong relationship between mother and child. You can find examples mother and child

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  • Art Commission Statement Case

    Art Commission Statement Case

    Art Commission Statement Humanities / 100 Julie Kares To whom it may concern: (The Artist that will be doing this piece for me.) The following is the Commissioned Contract in detail of the description of what I would like the Sculpture to embody at the new Interfaith Cultural and Historical

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  • Art Comparison

    Art Comparison

    The "Female Head" (64) was the piece of art that I choose to compare. The piece is a perfect example from the Sumerian period. The art piece that I have chosen to compare the "Female Head" to is the "Head of the Young Girl or Goddess" from the Hellenistic East.

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  • Art Criticism

    Art Criticism

    Art history has revolved around six various criticisms, Psychoanalysis, Postcolonialism, Marxism, Feminism, Historicism, and Cultural Studies. People have used these techniques to criticize most art pieces known to man. The piece I will be criticizing is the "Marilyn 1962" by Andy Warhol, which depicted actress Marilyn Monroe in Warhol's famous

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  • Art History

    Art History

    ART __-history, __-theory, __-world (Accounting for modern art with Dickie, Danto, and Weitz) Up until the twentieth century art theorists had consistently sought for a definition of artÐ'--a definition that would determine a set of necessary and sufficient conditions for something to be called art. But artists in the 20th

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  • Art History

    Art History

    Chavin de Huantar Chavin de Huantar was located in Peru and developed around 900 B.C. late in the Initial Period. At an elevation of 3,150 m., Chavin de Huantar was situated at the bottom of Cordillera Blanca's eastern slopes, approximately halfway between tropical forests and coastal plains. At the intersection

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  • Art History

    Art History

    World War I virtually severed artistic relations between America and Europe. Cultural interchange and patronage was interrupted by problems of social and political urgency, though most artists tended to be antiwar. Visual propaganda was left to the commercial designers and illustrators, while American painters continued in their efforts to consolidate

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  • Art History

    Art History

    The most prominent artist of his day, Giotto has influenced Italian art in many ways. Giotto's figures are forceful, monumental, some even might say bulky. His paintings are intense, slow-moving, building up a rhythm to a supremely climactic style. Giotto achieved a convincing representation of space and background. Not only

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