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  • Yi Dynasty

    Yi Dynasty

    History of the Yi (Choson) dynasty A dialog from the H-Asia list, November 1997 From: Lawrence Ober Subject: Q.: history of the Yi dynasty A simple query. I am a high school history teacher with a fascination for Asian history. In order to organize the larger scope that perforce is

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  • Ying Zheng First Emperor of China

    Ying Zheng First Emperor of China

    Qin Dinasty was one of seven Kingdoms which fought to reign over the Chinese empire around the 300BC. At this period, the king of the Zhou Dynasty was always the leader of the empire, but he could no more make no decision. The dynasty of Qin is one of the

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  • York


    In York, there are many historic attractions that one can visit; such as the York Minister. It is the largest Medieval Gothic cathedral north of the Alps and it is a treasure house of 800 years of stained glass. There are many museums that hold vast amount of historic value

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  • You May Not Consult Your Textbooks or Any Other Material While Writing the Essay

    You May Not Consult Your Textbooks or Any Other Material While Writing the Essay

    You will have the full 50-minute class period to complete the essay and are advised to use all of the time available. You may not consult your textbooks or any other material while writing the essay. All electronic devices must be turned off and put away throughout the class period.

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  • You Wouldn't Say So

    You Wouldn't Say So

    FB Alpha - ----------------------------------- FB Alpha is an arcade emulator supporting the following hardware platforms; - Capcom CPS-1 - Capcom CPS-2 - Cave - Neo Geo - Toaplan - Taito Rainbow Islands/Operation Wolf/Rastan - Psikyo 68EC020 based hardware - misc stuff we like What's New? ----------- v0.2.95.23 This is

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  • Young Adult Behavior Patterns Contribute to Continued Spread of Aids or Hiv

    Young Adult Behavior Patterns Contribute to Continued Spread of Aids or Hiv

    Introduction It is during the ages of 18 and 24 that time of life that many adults are sexually active but not always in monogamous relationships. It is a time of life when one can easily contract either AIDS or another STD due to behavior. Young adults are working during

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  • Youth Culture Changes Our Appearance

    Youth Culture Changes Our Appearance

    Youth Culture Changes our Appearance In today's day and age, the general public is all too concerned about how people look, rather than who people are. This conquest for social acceptance becomes so real that the idea then becomes an obsession. The way we look plays a big role in

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  • Yugoslavia and Josip Broz Tito

    Yugoslavia and Josip Broz Tito

    The Balkans, a region between the Mediterranean and Black sea was and is inhabited by many nations with various religions. This fact resulted often in unrests. To make peace in this area, it was necessary to unite the nations and to place a strong personality on the head. The Second

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  • Zapatista History

    Zapatista History

    In 1994 Mexico's leaders entered into trade agreements with foreign interests (NAFTA) that at US insistence, made changes to their constitution that effectively ended Indian communal land right, making it possible for Foreign corporations to take Indian land and resources. The Maya rose up in rebellion to defend their land

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  • Zd


    I can't recall why, but ever since I was fourteen I've been interested in tattoos. My curiosity began when I started adding tattoos to the cartoon characters I had drawn in my art book. Then I began drawing them on my skin in class and making new designs in my

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  • Zeppelins


    WORLD WAR I ZEPPELINS Justin Kieslich U.S. History II Friday, December 8th Zeppelins First invented in Manzell, a small town in Southern Germany by Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin (The Giant Airships, 1). The Zeppelin was made of duralumin internal frames. The first of the great airships to fly was the

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  • Zeus' Obstacle

    Zeus' Obstacle

    One of the greatest goddesses who lived atop mount Olympus was the goddess Athena. Athena was known as being the goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, and industry, Furthermore; she aided many desperate warriors on their journeys, and for this she is considered very just. With all of her contributions

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  • Zora Neale Hurston

    Zora Neale Hurston

    Throughout the history of our great nation, we have been blessed with many great writers those black and white. Some of these writers have left profoundly inspirational impressions on our lives, touching us in a way that will never be forgotten. During the " "Roaring 20's," many new aspects of

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  • Zuit Suit Riots

    Zuit Suit Riots

    THE ZOOT SUIT RIOTS Citizens of early 1940s Los Angeles lived in an atmosphere of racial tension that ultimately exploded in the Zoot Suit Riots. But what caused the unrest? In the decades leading up to the rioting, Los Angeles experienced an unprecedented population explosion. Along with Midwesterners who flocked

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  • ‘hitler’s Government Totally Mismanaged the German Economy in the Period 1939-45.’ Assess the Validity of This View.

    ‘hitler’s Government Totally Mismanaged the German Economy in the Period 1939-45.’ Assess the Validity of This View.

    ‘Hitler’s government totally mismanaged the German economy in the period 1939-45.’ Assess the validity of this view. Ultimately, Hitler’s government mismanaged the German economy during the Second World War to a great extent. The late acceptance of total war in 1942 meant that German economy in the first 3 years

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