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  • Phse


    PHSE Like me, you will probably have been brought up before the days of these petty subjects such as PHSE. Now let me ask you if we, as society, are more tolerant and respectful as a result of these subjects? Just yesterday we all heard of the horrific attack on

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  • Picasso


    Now is the time in this period of changes and revolution to use a revolutionary manner of painting and not to paint like before. - Pablo Picasso, 1935. (Barnes) Undoubtedly Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous and well-documented artists of the twentieth century. Picasso, unlike most painters, is

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  • Picasso


    Throughout the 20th century people pushed their limits and exceeded every imaginable expectation. Inventive ideas lead to creations and an evolved existence. This was one of the few times in history where the collaboration of powerful minds expanded social boundaries and separated from the path of traditional art to produce

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  • Picasso: African Art Influence

    Picasso: African Art Influence

    African art has touched and inspired not only artists around the world, but every day people throughout history. African art has been interpreted by different artists and used in many different time periods. One of these periods that was highly recognized is during the Cubist period. Many if not all

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  • Pictorialism


    Pictorialism is an form of photography whose subject matter, many would say, varied greatly. In its true meaning anything that put the finished picture first and the subject second was pictorialism. Any photograph that stressed atmosphere or viewpoint rather than the subject would come under this category. By the second

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  • Piemonte


    Piemonte HISTORY Turin, originally the chief town of the Ligurian tribe of the Taurini, became a Roman colony in about the 1st century AD. It was the seat of a Lombard duchy in the 7th century; in the late 13th century it came under the control of the house of

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  • Pierre Trudeau - Unified Canada

    Pierre Trudeau - Unified Canada

    Why is it that when you research Canadian Prime Ministers on the internet, or in a library, Pierre Elliot Trudeau's name appears more than any other? Why is that everyone knows his name? In short, what makes Trudeau, Canada's most famous Prime Minister? The fact is without the influence of

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  • Pierre Trudeau Case

    Pierre Trudeau Case

    Pierre Trudeau A prime minister is a head of a country. A countries prosper depends on a prime minister. Once in a while a country is lucky enough to have a great prime minister. Some prime minister leave there name in history through there work. They are deathless. One of

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  • Piet Mondrian's Contribution in Architecture

    Piet Mondrian's Contribution in Architecture

    De Stijl :- Red, yellow and blue rectangles and squares contained by thick black lines, or on a distinctly white background, is De Stijl, as we know it. The De Stijl art movement of 1917 to 1931 included paintings, architecture, furniture, and graphic design. It was based on the idea,

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  • Pieter De Hooch and Gerrit Dou: 17th Century Dutch Painters

    Pieter De Hooch and Gerrit Dou: 17th Century Dutch Painters

    Gerrit Dou: Dou was a follower and apprentice to the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt. He often used the themes that Rembrandt painted for his own works. This piece, the Old Woman Reading a Bible (c.1630) is very similar to Rembrandt's own Old Woman Reading (1631). Dou was very similar to

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  • Plan of Investigation

    Plan of Investigation

    A. Plan of Investigation The investigation evaluates the accurateness of the foreign policy carried out by the Russian dictator Stalin between the years of 1926 to 1939. With the purpose of assessing the accurateness of Stalin's foreign policy, the investigation evaluates Stalin's intentions throughout the established Five Year Plans in

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  • Planning Permission in Edinburgh

    Planning Permission in Edinburgh

    This essay will concentrate on the specific period of the suburb development and planning permission in Edinburgh. The period that will be covered in this essay starts from the end of slums clearance in the Capital, moving towards after war period and touches on 1960 - 1970s. It will concentrate

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  • Plato and Aristotle

    Plato and Aristotle

    Aristotle refutes Plato's Theory of Ideas on three basic grounds: that the existence of Ideas contradicts itself by denying the possibility of negations; that his illustrations of Ideas are merely empty metaphors; and that they theory uses impermanent abstractions to create examples of perception. Though the theory is meant to

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  • Plato Case

    Plato Case

    Chapter 6 It is a great crime to be killed for your beliefs. Socrates died from drinking Hemlock after he was sentenced to death for the crime of speaking his mind against the gods. Plato seems to risk suffering a similar fate for someone who he admired and knew as

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  • Plato Vs Locke

    Plato Vs Locke

    In analyzing the works of Plato and John Locke I feel that Plato presents a more accurate idealism in how a society should be maintained. Plato puts ultimate power in those with the highest knowledge. I feel that this concept is necessary in order to have a successful regime, thus

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  • Plato Vs Machiavelli

    Plato Vs Machiavelli

    Of the many disparities between Plato and Machiavelli, the distinction of virtue versus virtu sticks out like a sore thumb. Virtue was the political bases for Plato: All men should behave virtuously at all times. Whereas Machiavelli believed virtu was the basis for political prowess. What was best for the

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  • Plato: Five Dialogues

    Plato: Five Dialogues

    Plato: Five Dialogues The Dialogues start out with the entrance of Socrates who was traveling to King Archeon's court for he was under indictment by a character named Meletus for corrupting the youth and not obeying city appointed gods. Socrates, the protagonist of the Dialogues, is characterized to be a

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  • Platonist


    Platonist In his treatise about Christianity in the Roman Empire, this Roman philosopher will present a strong argument that Christians should listen to their emperor and not their God. He also provides evidence as to why the Christian religion is irrational in the eyes of a good Roman citizen. By

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  • Pluralism


    Pluralism is the theory that a multitude of groups govern the United States. These organizations influence the making and administration of laws and policy. The public acts mainly as bystanders. Some pluralists believe that direct democracy is not only unworkable, but also undesirable. Most people spend their time and energies

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  • Poetry Analysis; "to the Virgins to Make Much of Time"

    Poetry Analysis; "to the Virgins to Make Much of Time"

    Robert Herrick's poem, "To the Virgins to make much of Time," focuses upon the idea of carpe diem. The poem stresses the idea of marriage while love and flesh are still young, or one may suffer in their later years alone and loveless. Herrick believes this gift of virginity to

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  • Poetry Explanation on Wordsworth's Poem "i Wandered as Lonely as a Clo

    Poetry Explanation on Wordsworth's Poem "i Wandered as Lonely as a Clo

    "I gazed-and gazed-but little thought" Alex Nelson's Poetry Explanation on Wordsworth's poem "I Wandered As Lonely As A Cloud" Imagine walking through a field in early summer, around an aqua blue lake that is in the shape of a giant egg. You discover a field of daffodils that is flowing

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  • Poison Gas: Fair or Unfair

    Poison Gas: Fair or Unfair

    War is the art of open, armed and often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties. It is Man's solution to trouble and has been the problem-solver in countless political disputes. War is, like life itself, in my opinion, a game and winning is unquestionably the major objective.

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  • Poland and Czech Republic

    Poland and Czech Republic

    From a simplistic historical perspective, religion has always been symmetrically matched with religious states as well as religious politics. One of the most pervasive myths regarding the Catholic Church is that its sole purpose is to "tend to the spiritual needs of the people." But on the contrary, the Church

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  • Poland During World War 2

    Poland During World War 2

    I. History of Poland After the Partitions of Poland (1772-1795), which had decreased the size of the country, giving most of the land to Russia, Prussia, and Austria-Hungary. The First World War provided a practical chance for Poland to restore its independence. The powers, which had separated the country more

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  • Poland Research Paper

    Poland Research Paper

    Roman Catholicism, Communism: Who runs Poland? By Ryan Witkowski ENG 1123 00 Composition and Rhetoric Dr. Sheba Kulothungan February 21, 2005 Outline Thesis: I. Poland and the church before communism 1. Church's political power a. Had many people specifically placed in the government b. Church controlled 80% of offices to

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  • Polen: Warum Bereitwillig Eu?

    Polen: Warum Bereitwillig Eu?

    Polen: Warum bereitwillig EU? - Rolle in der europÐ"¤ischen Geschichte, in der Zivilisation und im Christentum - Ð"¶stliche Drohung: NATO und EU-Mitgliedschaft als Bollwerke - EU-Mitgliedschaft als spezifische externe UnterstÐ"јtzung und Versicherung gegen mÐ"¶gliche interne Faktoren der Entstabilisierung - Hoffnungen fÐ"јr einen Zustrom der Auslandsanlage und des GestÐ"¤nges zur globalen

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  • Policy Text Assignment - Social Welfare Policy Research

    Policy Text Assignment - Social Welfare Policy Research

    Question 1: During the nineteenth century, what were some beliefs and common practices/criteria from many religious social workers in relation to the relief assistance for the poor? Question 2: Chapter 2, Social Welfare Policy Research: A Framework for Policy Analysis, touches on the topic of past policies that were

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  • Polish Compliance and Holocaust

    Polish Compliance and Holocaust

    In no other country than ancient Israel have Jews lived consistently and for as many centuries in as large number, and with as much autonomy as in Poland . The late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries brought huge waves of Jewish settlers into Poland, and by the beginning of the Second

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  • Polish Family History

    Polish Family History

    Polish Family History The first appearances of Polish people in America occurred in 1608. Some of these Poles were hired by the London Company to bring their industry skills to Jamestown. The Poles created glass house shops, and pitch and potash burners. These products became some of the first exports

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  • Polish Immigration on Long Island

    Polish Immigration on Long Island

    Following the Puritan tradition of carving out a piece of the Hallock farm for male heirs of marrying age begun by his grandfather, Capt. Zachariah Hallock, Isaiah Hallock built a farmhouse on this spot around 1832. It burned to the ground in 1915. In the mid 1920s Konstanty and Adela

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