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  • Objectivity and Subjectivity in History

    Objectivity and Subjectivity in History

    According to Benny Morris, historical truth is a Ð''truth about a historical event that exists independently of, and can be detached from, the subjectivities of scholars' . Hence, is Morris implying that historical truths are objective? If they are indeed objective, why are historians constantly rewriting history books? Although the

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  • Octavian


    Octavian: Julius "Augustus" Caesar was one of the most important Roman emperors. He ruled Rome for 41 years, longer than any subsequent emperor. He ended a century of civil wars and gave Rome an era of peace, prosperity, and imperial greatness, known as the "Pax Romana" which lasted for over

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  • Octavian, Anthony and Cleopatra: Propaganda and the Ð''myth of Actium'

    Octavian, Anthony and Cleopatra: Propaganda and the Ð''myth of Actium'

    Workshop 1 Octavian, Anthony and Cleopatra: Propaganda and the Ð''Myth of Actium' The creation and subsequent sustaining of the Ð''Myth of Actium' is one of the greatest examples of the use of mass propaganda in the ancient world. While scholars such as Murray question the impact that the re-instigation of

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  • Octavius


    inheritance and the adoption as to secure his personal safety. As all leaders do though, he chose to continue on and he headed directly to Brundisium and the large number of troops. Octavius made his entrace into politics between April 44 and November 43 B.C. as a virtue of his

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  • October Crisis

    October Crisis

    October Crisis The October Crisis denotes the kidnapping on 5 October 1970 of James Cross, the British trade commissioner in MontrÐ"©al, by members of the FRONT DE LIBÐ"‰RATION DU QUÐ"‰BEC. The kidnappers' demands, communicated in a series of public messages, included the freeing of a number of convicted or detained

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  • October Crisis 1970

    October Crisis 1970

    Good afternoon, the topic I have chosen today is the October Crisis of 1970. The October Crisis was a series of dramatic events triggered by two terrorist kidnappings in the province of Quebec, in October 1970, which resulted in a brief invocation of the War Measures Act by Prime Minister

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  • Odyessus


    Question: Can you give me character traits of Odysseus in the Odyssey? its very Urgent Answer: Athene, in Book XIII of the Odyssey, says to Odysseus: "Hardy man, subtle of wit, of guile insatiate..." and listed his character traits. Question: I was wondering what customs, traditions or values the Odyssey

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  • Odysseus - a Different Type of Hero

    Odysseus - a Different Type of Hero

    Odysseus Ð'- A Different Type of Hero The Homeric epic, the Odyssey, is set in the peaceful years following the Trojan War, and concerns the returning heroes on their journeys home, in particular Odysseus of Ithaca. Odysseus is an epic hero; he displays courage, superior strength, and leadership, all qualities

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  • Odysseus one of the Greatest Epic Heroes

    Odysseus one of the Greatest Epic Heroes

    Odysseus: One of the Greatest Epic Heroes An epic encompasses many unique qualities of which are both consistent and concurrent with the authors style and manner of writing. Homer's The Odyssey is a prime example of an epic with a well-developed epic hero. In this case, the hero is the

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  • Odysseus' Lessons

    Odysseus' Lessons

    On Odysseus journey home, he learned many lessons as on of themÐ'...he learned that he needs the help of others. His men for instance helped him fight in the Trojan War. They put together a large horse to sit and wait in, and in a building where the Trojans were

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  • Odyssey


    1. Does the Odysseus of these books seem different in character from the Odysseus of Books V Ð'- XII? If so, why? In the books 5 to 12 Odysseus' character does not really undergo any transitions from one facet to another. Odysseus still carries the same attributes and traits right

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  • Odyssey, a Look

    Odyssey, a Look

    There are many traditions and values that the people of Ancient Greece followed very closely. These acts, such as, hospitality and respect for one's peers are usually overlooked by gods and goddesses. The people are expected follow these traditions or they may feel wrath from a god or goddess. In

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  • Oedipus Paper

    Oedipus Paper

    In the play "Oedipus Rex" the main character, Oedipus, has to deal with his predetermined fate and his own nature. He is cursed from the beginning of his life when a soothsayer tells of his fate upon his birth. It is predicted that he will kill his father, and marry

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  • Oedipus Review

    Oedipus Review

    Oedipus seeks knowledge, but only up to a point Sophocles' classical Greek tragedy Oedipus the King is one of the centrepieces of Western literature. It also has a broader place in modern Western culture, courtesy of Dr Freud and his Oedipus complex, in which the process of growing up male

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  • Oedipus Rex

    Oedipus Rex

    Sight and Blindness References to eyesight and vision, both literal and metaphorical, are very frequent in all three of the Theban plays. Quite often, the image of clear vision is used as a metaphor for knowledge and insight. In fact, this metaphor is so much a part of the Greek

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  • Oedipus the Tyrant

    Oedipus the Tyrant

    Oedipus the Tyrant To understand much of this play, one must understand that he is simply a folktale continued through Homers Odyssey, where Oedipus is told his dreadful prophecy that he will marry his mother and slay his father. Even the name Oedipus is a brilliantly put together pun by

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  • Of Dogs and Men: The Etruscan She-Wolf in The Understanding of The Mtv2 Logo

    Of Dogs and Men: The Etruscan She-Wolf in The Understanding of The Mtv2 Logo

    To take two visual examples that seem so farfetched, distant and barely related such as an ancient bronze sculpture and a contemporary media conglomerate logo and compare them may seem absurd. However, despite the lack of a direct connection, the meanings and contexts derived from the historical example shed light

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  • Of Liberty or Equality

    Of Liberty or Equality

    In the words of late economist Milton Friedman, "...a society that aims for equality before liberty will end up with neither equality nor liberty...a society that aims first for liberty will not end up with equality, but will end up with a closer approach to equality than any kind of

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  • Ogier Gheslin De Busbecq (primary Source)

    Ogier Gheslin De Busbecq (primary Source)

    The primary source assignment is on an article written on Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq. The primary source is split up into two main parts entitled "Suleyman the lawgiver" and "Woman in Ottoman Society." These parts of the article explain the views of Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq on the Ottoman Empire

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  • Oil and the War

    Oil and the War

    "The Oil Incentive" Behind the war on Terrorism Propaganda and Lies I was informed to approach this movie with an open mind. Having watched the movie I've set about to see if the supposed Ð''facts' the movie was based on were in fact the truth. I found several troubling assertions

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  • Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Ladd-Whitney Monument

    Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Ladd-Whitney Monument

    Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Ladd-Whitney Monument It was April 19, 1995 at 9:03 that the lives of thousands were affected by one single explosion. The explosion took the lives of 168 men, women, and children. The explosion physically injured 600 individuals and emotionally injured numerous amounts of people around the

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  • Olaudah Equaino

    Olaudah Equaino

    Almost everything we know about the first ten years of Equiano's life we find from Equiano's own account in The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, published in 1789. In this, Equiano tells us that he was born around the year 1745 in

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  • Olaudah Equiano

    Olaudah Equiano

    Olaudah Equiano Feb.02, 2001 Olaudah Equiano In 1745, Olaudah Equiano was born in a small village in Isseke,Nigeria. His father was one of the chiefs in the village. At age eleven Equiano and his sister were kidnapped by two men and a woman never to see his home or parents

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  • Old Civilizations

    Old Civilizations

    Today we take many things for granted. We use telecommunications to speak to others around the globe, we use technology to instantly access the knowledge of the entire planet, and we can travel great distances in short time spans, all of which creates a true global community. And, of course,

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  • Oliver Cromwell

    Oliver Cromwell

    History Essay Oliver Cromwell-Hero or Villain Oliver Cromwell was one of the leaders of the parliaments army in the Civil war. Some people think that Cromwell is a hero but others think he is a Villain. Puritans think Cromwell was a hero because Cromwell, Himself was a puritan. During the

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  • Olympia: Brilliant Cinematography or Nazi Propaganda?

    Olympia: Brilliant Cinematography or Nazi Propaganda?

    Running Head: OLYMPIA: BRILLANT CINEMATOGRAPHY Olympia: Brilliant Cinematography or Nazi Propaganda? University Instructor: Prof Olympia: Brilliant Cinematography or Nazi Propaganda? The name Leni Riefenstahl to some is an incredible gifted producer, to another the century's most controversial filmmaker. "Olympia", a sports documentary of the 1936 summer Olympics, regardless of politics

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  • Olympics


    The modern Olympic games are organized as a group of modern international athletic contests held as separate winter and summer competitions every four years in a different city. The Olympian games in ancient times were a Pan-Hellenic festival in ancient Greece consisting of athletic games and contests of choral poetry

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  • On Duty of Civil Disobedience

    On Duty of Civil Disobedience

    Henry David Thoreau sets the tone throughout the document "On Duty of Civil Disobedience" by maintaining a very serious tone. Thoreau states his opinions regarding how the United States government should be run. He also points out how unjust occurrences and regulations stifle the minds of the US citizens. Thoreau's

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  • On Going Storyboard Essay

    On Going Storyboard Essay

    1. Introduction 2. History of Storyboarding 1. Important figures 1. Famous figures 2. The market 1. Back then 2. Now 1. Future plan 2. Conclusion 3. Reference ________________ 1. 1. Introduction Watching movies, animation and cartoon have been my hobby ever since I was a little kid. I grew up

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  • On the Basis of Generic Structure Potential

    On the Basis of Generic Structure Potential

    Reinvestigation of Editorial Genre: On the Basis of Generic Structure Potential Abstract Editorial research has been developed since about 2005 by some professionals in the field such Scholar Ansary or Babaii because there are many following journals of editorials citing their previous development such as Fartousi and Dumanig (2012), Ansary

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