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  • Biography of Socrates, Plato, & Aristotle

    Biography of Socrates, Plato, & Aristotle

    BIOGRAPHY OF SOCRATES, PLATO, AND ARISTOTLE SECTION I - SOCRATES Socrates (Greek Σωκράτης, invariably anglicized as IPA: ['sɔkɹətiːz] Sǒcratēs; ca. 470 - 399 BCE) was a Greek Athenian philosopher. He is best known outside philosophy for being condemned to death by an Athenian people's court and choosing to die by

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  • Biography of William Shakespeare

    Biography of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Biography HЬ_2004-06-13 William Shakespeare was born to John Shakespeare and mother Mary Arden April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. There is no record of his birth, but his baptism was recorded by the church. His father was a prominent alderman in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, and was later granted a

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  • Biography on Julius Caesar

    Biography on Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar A Man of Great Stature Julius Caesar was a strong leader of the Romans who changed the course of the history for the Roman world decisively and irreversibly. With his courage and strength, he created a strong empire and guided the empire for almost 20 years. His life

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  • Biography on Plato

    Biography on Plato

    Plato Plato was born in Athens, in May or December into a moderately well to do family. His father was named Ariston and his mother Perictione. His family claimed descent from the ancient Athenian kings. Plato's own real name was Aristocles. however, his nickname, Plato, originated from wrestling. Since

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  • Biography: George Orwell

    Biography: George Orwell

    George Orwell was the pen name of British author Eric Arthur Blair, born on June 25, 1903 in Motihari, India where his father, Richard Walmesley worked as a civil servant for the British Empire. Orwell's mother, Ida Mabel Blair, moved him and his sister Marjorie to England a year later

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  • Birthday Week

    Birthday Week

    My birthday is September 16th. There is a joke in my family that everyone has their “birthday week” so my birthday week started on Saturday September 9th. This was hands down one of the worst weeks of my life, but it has molded me into a man. On the first

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  • Black


    For decades, American citizens have been complaining about how outsourcing has ruined their lives and that it is only going to harm America and its economy. Unfortunately, jobs are going to be lost and the unemployment rate may rise due to globalization. However, the benefits of globalization are infinite. People

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  • Black Boy Written by Richard Wright

    Black Boy Written by Richard Wright

    I read the autobiography, Black Boy. It was written by Richard Wright. Further information about the author will be in the following paragraphs. The publication date of this book was 1945. The autobiography I read didn't give enough information about the birth and death dates of my author. He was

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  • Black like Me

    Black like Me

    John Howard Griffin, both author of Black Like Me and prominent journalist, sets out to discover what life was really like as a black man in the Deep South. He darkened his skin, using sunlamps and medication, in order to study just that. He was most likely not ready

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  • Blacks in the 80's

    Blacks in the 80's

    Ronald Ervin McNair, was born on October 21, 1950, in Lake City, South Carolina to Carl and Pearl McNair. He attended North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, where, in 1971, he graduated magna cum laude with a BS degree in physics. In 1976 he earned his Ph.D. degree in

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  • Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, and religious philosopher. He had many important contributions to the mathematics and physics such as: the construction of mechanical calculators, considerations on probability theory, the study of fluids, concepts of the pressure and vacuum, and the Pascal Triangle. After a divine

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  • Blake's Cry for a Voice

    Blake's Cry for a Voice

    Franklin Garcia Professor Castillo English 1302.013 November 4, 2002 Blake's cry for a voice William Blake had a vision. It was a thought that changed the way poetry and writing would be viewed from here to eternity. Blake's point of views and associations with the characters represents a change in

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  • Bloom


    Boston Globe, September 24, 2003 Dumbing down American readers, By Harold Bloom THE DECISION to give the National Book Foundation's annual award for "distinguished contribution" to Stephen King is extraordinary, another low in the shocking process of dumbing down our cultural life. I've described King in the past as a

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  • Blow


    George Jung His life was made famous by being the subject of the movie "Blow", but his life was infamous for being the largest drug trafficker in the United States during the 1970s. This is the life of "Boston George", George Jung. George Jung was born August 6, 1942 in

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  • Blue Nile

    Blue Nile

    The Blue Nile is an adult alternative/pop band from Glasgow, Scotland. The music of The Blue Nile is built heavily on synthesizers and electronic instrumentation and percussion, although later works have featured acoustic guitar more prominently. Contents [hide] 1 Early years 2 Albums 2.1 A Walk Across the Rooftops 2.2

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  • Blues Boy King - B B King

    Blues Boy King - B B King

    Riley B. King better known as B.B. King was born on September 16th 1925 to a family of sharecropping farmers near a small town named Itta Bena in the Mississippi Delta. King's parents Albert and Nora Ella King separated when he was five years old and shortly after his

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  • Bo Jackson Case

    Bo Jackson Case

    Another symptom of PTSD and an inferiority complex that Will frequently exhibits is the unprovoked outbursts of anger. Probably the most notable of these would have to be when Skylar asks him to go with her. Will becomes enraged. Shouting and yelling Will seems to have snapped. At one point

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  • Boa's Biography

    Boa's Biography

    SM’s idea three years ago was to begin to make a huge star who would represent Asia. Their plan was to make a star who would use the Korean music industry as a stepping stone into Asia, and then into the world, in order to spread Korea’s prestige abroad. At

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  • Bob Marley

    Bob Marley

    Reggae's most transcendent and iconic figure, Bob Marley was the first Jamaican artist to achieve international superstardom, in the process introducing the music of his native island nation to the far-flung corners of the globe. Marley's music gave voice to the day-to-day struggles of the Jamaican experience, vividly capturing not

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  • Bob Marley Biography

    Bob Marley Biography

    Bob Marley is without a doubt the greatest musician a third world country ever produced. Through Rastafarian ideas, he influenced many others with songs that touched the lives of millions with his constant message of unity. His wisdom through experience helped him achieve a grand distinction over other artists. Marley

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  • Bob Marley: His Music, His Words, His Legacy

    Bob Marley: His Music, His Words, His Legacy

    "Bob Marley: His Music, His Words, His Legacy." The 70's - musically, culturally, and politically - was a transitional phase, and a emotional link between two very infamous periods. This decade was also the recess from reality, in which people used music to escape from the real world leaving behind

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  • Bob Saget

    Bob Saget

    Bob Saget is best known as the star of ABC's "Full House" for eight seasons and as the host of "America's Funniest Home Videos." Unfortunately, these shows were not able to show Lord Saget for who he really is: the dirtiest and, by far, funniest man alive (as anyone who

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  • Bob Smith

    Bob Smith

    IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY: This compact disc ("CD") product contains standard so-called "Red Book"-compliant audio files that can be played on any standard CD player, including those contained in many personal home computer systems. As an added feature, this compact disc ("CD") product also enables you to convert these audio files into

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  • Bob Wills and Roy Acuff

    Bob Wills and Roy Acuff

    Bob wills was born on March 6, 1905. His parents were John and Emma and he was the first born of ten. At the ripe age of 10 bob performed at a ranch dace with the fiddle. Seven years later bob hopped on a freight train and rode it to

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  • Bobby Knight

    Bobby Knight

    Robert Montgomery "Bobby" Knight (born October 25, 1940 in Massillon, Ohio) is the head men's basketball coach at Texas Tech University. He previously held the same position at Indiana University and the United States Military Academy. Knight is one of NCAA Division I college basketball's most controversial coaches but is

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  • Bofa


    Industry Analysis: The U.S. commercial banking industry was healthy in the mid-2000s, surviving the sluggish economy of the early 2000s and the 9/11-terrorist attacks. The consolidation frenzy of the commercial banking in the 1990s had slowed down drastically by the early 2000s. The total number of mergers and acquisitions that

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  • Book Review: First Man, the Life of Neil Armstrong

    Book Review: First Man, the Life of Neil Armstrong

    First Man The Life of Neil Armstrong by James Hansen James Hansen is a history professor at Auburn University who has spent 25 years studying and writing the history of space. In the book the "First Man", he provided the most comprehensive analysis of Neil Armstrong. There are 648 fact-filled

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  • Book Review: Kaffir Boy

    Book Review: Kaffir Boy

    Book Review: Kaffir Boy Kaffir Boy is an autobiographical work written by Mark Mathbane. It was the first South African autobiography to be written in English by a black native. Mathabne's aspiration for writing this book was to inform the world that apartheid had to end because it could not

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  • Booker T Washington

    Booker T Washington

    Booker Taliaferro Washington was born on April 5, 1856 in Franklin County , Virginia . Washington gained an early admiration for the values of family and education. Booker had been blessed with an intact family, with one exception of having a white father who never contributed to his life and

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  • Booker T. Washington

    Booker T. Washington

    BIOGRAPHY OF BOOKER T. WASHINGTON This African-American prominent, was well known for his contributions on education for African-American children. Booker T. was born on April 5th, 1856 in Franklin county Virginia. He was raised by his mother, who was a slave that belonged to James Burroughs, a small farmer

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