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The United States has many luxuries that many other countries cannot afford, one of them being our freedom. First, of the Venezuelan government is run very different than our government here in the United States. Second, sports have a very different impact in our society here in the U.S. than in Venezuela. Also good education is something every country needs to be a successful country, but it’s different everywhere you go. On top of that poverty is something every country faces both Venezuela and the United States. Besides that Venezuela makes most of its money from oil that it trades with other countries unlike the United States depends on foreign countries to obtain its oil. Last Venezuela doesn’t face the natural disasters that the United States faces every year like hurricanes and etc.

To begin with the Venezuelan government faces many problems unlike the one in the United States. For example Venezuela is being run by a dictator Hugo Chavez and because of his inability to run a country properly Venezuela has even more problems to face. In addition the Venezuelan government is challenging free enterprise and private investments and that means that many successful businesses are being shut down and people that invest in those businesses are losing a lot of money, and it’s also making it harder for new businesses to get started. Public safety is a big issue in Venezuela since there are a lot of riots in that country and it needs a proper way to take care of those situations. On top of that the Venezuelan military is facing many problems for example the Venezuelan military is lacking aircraft and its equipment for soldiers (guns, gps systems, and etc) are outdated. Finally Venezuela has a corrupt judiciary



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