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Impressions on Business Ethics

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Essay Preview: Impressions on Business Ethics

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Ethics can affect business communication in so many ways. An ethics definition is very similar to the Golden rule. I was taught the golden rule when it came to sharing. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If there was a 100 dollar bill lying on the floor would you take it or give it back to front desk. These things are in place to keep people from being dishonest. When the issue of ethics comes up the subject would be about honesty. Continue using the code of ethics in business and outside of work in a good manner it becomes a habit.

Ethics have many factors that ensure it credible status. Determination by a person is an excellent strategy to get it right. Integrity goes hand in hand with determination, because it’s fueled by strong will. You don’t want anyone feeling slighted. Ethics is installed to ensure everyone is feeling and living fairly. I believe code of ethics have saved people from getting into some serious trouble with the law. Then on the flip side others have completely disobeyed ethics and are now serving jail time. Paying the consequences for their lack of judgment. That is just physics getting into trouble believe that their will be repercussions. You’ll pay. Good Samaritans is usually a satisfactory position to be in, but earn a low reward.

Determine individuals always look for what will satisfy that craving. They can be blinded by their ambitions to met quotas at the job. Most important companies want their employees to drive and do their best. So the company can maximize its profits, so it will become a profitable company. There is nothing wrong with a number one company except for disobeying and being dishonest to its customers. The customers deserve the

best services around. Adhere to the policy set up by companies so those companies will last long and successfully. If the company would listen its reputation would be respectable and earn respect. I would like to purchase from a company that has no ethical issues in the media.



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