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Essay Preview: Childhood

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It was a clear, starry night in July when all of a sudden clouds started forming around the moon like cub scouts around a camp fire. I was having a peaceful dream when I was suddenly awaken violently. It was my mother telling me to come downstairs to watch the weather channel. I was playing my game boy when my attention was jolted away from the game by a high pitched squealing noise. I began to read the text. Tornado Watch for the surrounding counties. I ask my parents what was going to happen. Mom said it is no big deal baby boy. Dad looked a little concerned. My sister had just been woken up also and she was just completely out of it. I was having a blast with my handheld game when out of no where a huge thunder arose and the power went out. No more high pitched noises, no more warnings, and no more light. We could see nothing through the house until a beam of light hit me directly in the eyes. Dad had found a flash light. Mom started lighting candles that dimly lighted the room we were occupying. We were all huddled together on the large couch in the living room when a man’s voice I had not heard before overtook the silence of the room. I began to look around when his voice started to fade. I felt really gullible when I found out it was my dad playing with the emergency radio trying to pick up the local station. He tuned in to a man talking about the storms rolling in and he stopped. There was a pause for about 4 seconds that felt like 10 minutes to me. He began speaking slowly and said if you are indoors stay indoors and stray away from any windows you may have in your house. My moms face that night was the most frightened I had seen it. Philip, Sarah, head to the downstairs closet right now. My sister and I then started to panic my mother said. We did as we were told, no questions asked. I took my game boy, and my sister took her blanket. We overcame our differences that night. Looked past all the times we have fought, all the arguments we had had, and we learned to share and trust one another. We both jumped under the cover while using the dim light emitted from my game boy just to see mere shadows of anything. After my sister and I spent practically the night in that closet my parents finally came and retrieved us from the closet. The warnings and watches were over and we were finally allowed to go back to our rooms and prepare to embark on our childish fantasy dreams.



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