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Childhood Memory

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Childhood Memory

Have u ever had a flashback of a memory from when you were an infant? Or have u ever sat there and wished you were a little kid again? Well that happens to me all the time, and even if you don't remember it probably has happened to you. Well I'm going to tell you about a childhood memory that I've had.

I remember every Sunday I would sit there in the living room and watch football. I was only about 4 years old, and I sat there all day and watched the games. I never knew what was going on, but in someway found it fascinating. After every quarter of play I would request the score. Whoever my dad said was behind I would root for. I don't know why , but I always liked the underdog.

We would always order pizza and wings after the first game ended. I was a little toddler and only ate about 3 wings and a slice of pizza, that was so much I felt like my stomach was about to explode. I then had to clean up the mess me and my dad made. I would then go into the living room to watch the end of the second game. We then would always go get ice cream. I always got a chocolate milkshake, my dad got a scoop of vanilla on a sugar cone. I never could drink it all, but I tried. When we were done we would go home for the 3rd game. I made it through the first quarter, and found myself waking up on the couch with the great smell of my grandmother's pancakes sitting on the kitchen table.

This is one of my favorite childhood memories. Can you think of yours? Well when you get some time close your eyes and think if you had one chance to relive one memory that you have what would it be? And when you are thinking you will remember things that you never thought you would remember.



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