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Ecstasy Damages the Brain and Impairs Memory in Humans

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Essay Preview: Ecstasy Damages the Brain and Impairs Memory in Humans

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"Ecstasy" Damages the Brain and Impairs Memory in Humans

In an article that was found at NIDA NOTES on the Internet, titled "Ecstasy " Damages the Brain and Impairs Memory in Humans, discusses the horrible effect that this popular drug has on the human body. In a supported study conducted by NIDA, it had shown the direct evidence the use of MDMA, which is also known as ecstasy has on causing brain damage. Using brain-imaging techniques the study had found that MDMA harms neurons that release serotonin, which is a brain chemical that plays a very important roll in regulating memory and our other functions. In other studies researches have found that people who do this drug have memory problems only two weeks after doing the drug. MDA does change your brain and the consequences are harmful. This is mainly for young people who are using the drug the most heavily. In a brain imaging study, researches took brain scans of 14 MDA users who had not used any psychoactive drug, including MDA for three weeks. Brain images were also taken of 15 people who had never used MDMA. In the people who had used the drug the images had shown a significant reduction of the number of serotonin transporters. The results were that the people who had used MDMA lost more of these then people who had never done the drug before. The lost of memory was also tested on MDMA users. 24 MDMA users and 24 people who had never done the drug before were tested for memory. Compared to the non-MDMA users the MDMA users had significant trouble in visual and verbal memory. The side effects are growing, and it was proven that use of this drug could damage your brain and give you server memory loss.

This article relates to what we had learned In chapter 4. In chapter 4 it discussed drugs and the effects it had on ones body. It also discusses MDMA and how it damages your brain and does give you memory loss. It also tells how the drug can lead to depression, and can make a person sad and annoyed.



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