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  • Tojo Hideki

    Tojo Hideki

    Tojo Hideki lived from 1884-1948 and he was a Japanese political and military leader. The premier who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, he personified Japanese militarism. Tojo Eiku (his name before he became premier) was born in Tokyo on Dec. 30 1884. The son of an

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  • Tom Hayden

    Tom Hayden

    Tom Hayden Tom Hayden was born December 11th 1939 he was an American social and political activist and politician, most famous for his involvement in the anti-war and civil rights movements of the 1960s Hayden was born in Detroit to parents who were Irish and later attended the University of

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  • Tommys Day

    Tommys Day

    U.S., Kuwait ask why bombing went terribly wrong WASHINGTON-- A team of Kuwaiti and U.S. investigators sorted through evidence on Tuesday trying to learn how and why a U.S. Navy jet dropped a 500-pound bomb near observers at a training range, killing six of them. The F/A-18 Hornet was

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  • Tony Horwitz Case

    Tony Horwitz Case

    In his book, A Voyage Long and Strange, Mr. Horwitz attempts to reeducate himself and fill in the gaps of early America history. Horwitz retraces the expeditions, battles, and settlements of early European explorers from Leif Eiriksson's discovery and settlement in Vinland to the Pilgrims arrival in Plymouth. Horwitz follows

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  • Top Five Best Inventions

    Top Five Best Inventions

    Top Five Best Inventions of The 20th century Have you ever wondered how something was invented? Have you ever wondered why they were invented? Well, I have and this is the result of that wondering. During the twentieth century, inventions were needed to keep up with the times and be

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  • Topic Discussion with Proposed Thesis Statement

    Topic Discussion with Proposed Thesis Statement

    Amanda Gordon U.S History ll Honors Ms.Diaz Topic Discussion with Proposed Thesis Statement For my research paper my thesis will be, "Instead of wallowing in self-pity, the recently dispossessed ignited an explosion of cultural pride. Indeed, African American culture was reborn in the Harlem Renaissance." This statement supports my goal

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  • Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Tora! Tora! Tora! Pearl Harbor is probably one of the greatest known battles in history. It was not really a battle because of the one-sidedness by the Japanese. This slaughtering of Americans was uncalled for. The United States Military knew of the notions of the Japanese long before it occurred.

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  • Trading Peace for Profits

    Trading Peace for Profits

    As the Bible says "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven". Woodstock 1969, it was a time for love ... and hate. In a country with race riots and the Vietnam war a single dove perched on a guitar neck changed America for

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  • Traffic and Urban Congestion: 1955-1970

    Traffic and Urban Congestion: 1955-1970

    In 1960, Great Britain still had no urban freeways. But with the ownership of private cars becoming ever more common, the problem of congestion in British cities was unavoidable. Investigating the possibilities of freeways as alleviators of big-city traffic jams, the government-sponsored Buchanan Report was pessimistic: ... the study shows

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  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears Trial of Tears and the Five Civilized Tribes During the early years of 1800s, valuable gold deposits were discovered in tribal lands, which by previous cessions had been reduced to about seven million acres in northwest Georgia, eastern Tennessee, and southwest North Carolina. In 1819 Georgia appealed

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  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears

    Before a white man came on American soil, Native Indians lived on this land before it was known as America. There were probably 10 million Indians living here, north of present day Mexico, when the white man arrived here. When the white man came to this land it was thought

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  • Transition of the Traditonal Cotton Belt

    Transition of the Traditonal Cotton Belt

    Table of Contents I. Introduction.........................................................................4 II. Main part........................................................................5-24 II.1. The traditional Belt System...................................................5 II.2. Cotton cultivation in the Old South.......................................6-9 II.2.1. Cotton and its location demands...................................6 II.2.2. Conditions in the Old South.......................................6-7 II.2.3. Conclusion → Cotton cultivation in the Old South..........7-9 II.3. The Cotton Belt............................................................ 9-24 II.3.1. Analysis of the

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  • Treatment of World War II Prisoners of War - Japan Vs. United States

    Treatment of World War II Prisoners of War - Japan Vs. United States

    Treatment of World War II Prisoners of War: Japan vs. United States The topic of POW's is a fascinating one that can be dealt with in various ways. First, one can gain information from primary sources from diaries and journals kept by POWs or their captors and guards. Second,

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  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles

    What started with an assassination of an Austrian prince unpopular in with royalty in Vienna and plotters in Belgrade ended in war. Four years of artillery, machine guns, and poison gas had ruined the countryside of Europe. Woodrow Wilson put the blame for dead millions at the feet of secret

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  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles was signed after the end of World War I. The main purpose of the treaty was to end the war like situation between Germany and the Allied Powers. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919 between Germany and Allied Powers. The treaty is

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  • Treaty of Versallis

    Treaty of Versallis

    The interwar period (1918-1939) is understood within Western culture to be the period between the end of the First World War and the beginning of the Second World War. This is also called the period between the wars or (in American English) interbellum. This period was marked by turmoil in

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  • Trends of Society

    Trends of Society

    "What are some of the trends in the contemporary society regarding the family, religion, and the emergence of new technologies?" Many of the societies today have an opposite reflection from the traditional societies that once took place. Values have changed, morals have faded, and personal interests has increasingly become most

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  • Trial of Tears (dialogue)

    Trial of Tears (dialogue)

    Dialogue: Trial of Tears One afternoon, Derek came by this history teacher's room to learn a little bit extra for fun. The conversation focused mainly on the Trial of Tears. He had heard information about these events in previous history classes, but didn't fully understand. Derek: Hey Mr. Smith, I

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  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Near closing time on Saturday afternoon, March 25, 1911, in New York City a fire broke out on the top floors of the Asch Building in the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. One of the worst tragedies in American history it was know as the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

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  • Tribes


    Cheyenne are a Native American nation of the Great Plains. The Cheyenne Nation is divided in three united tribes. The earliest known official record of the Cheyenne comes from the mid-seventeenth century, when a group of Cheyenne visited Fort Crevecoeur, near Chicago. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Cheyenne

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  • Tribute to Martin Luther King

    Tribute to Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King, Jr. The Great Communicator Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on Tuesday , January 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia (Nobel Prize). Both his father and grandfather were baptist preachers who have been actively involved in the civil rights movement. (Nobel Prize). Watching his father and grand

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  • Trifles by Susan Glaspell - in an Artist’s Studio by Christina Rossetti

    Trifles by Susan Glaspell - in an Artist’s Studio by Christina Rossetti

    Behind the Character Characters develop over time in their works of literature. It is important that the reader views each character as a person and understand that the series of events he or she encounters within their work makes for their growth . They are people who are developing through

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  • Trouble in Mind: Black Southerners in the Age of Jim Cow

    Trouble in Mind: Black Southerners in the Age of Jim Cow

    Leon Litwack. Trouble in Mind: Black Southerners in the Age of Jim Cow. New York, United States: Vintage Books, 1998. Leon F. Litwack is the author of Trouble in Mind. Litwack is an American historian and professor of history at the University of California at Berkeley. He was born in

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  • True American

    True American

    A True American What makes an American, an American? Is it the way they dress or could it be the color of their skin or hair? An American is someone who strives for excellence and has the passion for a free nation. I believe to be an American is to

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  • True Founders of America

    True Founders of America

    People will debate over which of the four groups, the Puritan/Pilgrims, the Quakers, the people at Jamestown, or the Scotch-Irish, could best be considered the founding fathers of the ideals the United Sates stands for. While all of the four groups held certain qualities that contributed to the basis for

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  • Truman


    When World War II ended the United States and Russia emerged as "Superpowers". Though they had fought as allies, each had their own agenda and post -war strategies. The United States found itself unable to enjoy the pleasures of peace after the wars completion. Having been unable to establish a

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  • Truman and the Creation of Israel

    Truman and the Creation of Israel

    Eric Stiner Hour 2 Richards Truman and the Creation of Israel With the growing pressure for a new state of Israel after the atrocities committed against the Jews in World War Two, President Franklin D Roosevelt's adopted a neutral policy towards Palestine. Roosevelt felt like the United States needed complete

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  • Truman Scholarship Candidate

    Truman Scholarship Candidate

    The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") has proven unsuccessful in its goal of empowering people with disabilities to enter the workforce. Although 19.4% of the population have some disability,1 they constitute only 4.3% of the workforce.2 The group's unemployment rate stands at almost 17%, nearly three times the national

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  • Trump Debate

    Trump Debate

    Laiyuchi Ma EWRT 1A Debate 1 Response Oct 1, 2016 In the first debate, the most compelling point made by Trump is he will be reducing taxes, tremendously, from 35% to 15% for company, small and big businesses. Because I want to have job in American, if the tax reduces,

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  • Truth About George W. Bush

    Truth About George W. Bush

    President Bush Contents Intro Unprecedented History of Bush Bush as President Facts Conclusion Bibliography The purpose of this report is to expose George W. Bush as the fraud he is. From rigging the 2000 presidential election, to bombing and waging war on a country that had no connection what so

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