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"the People Bomb" on 20-20

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Essay Preview: "the People Bomb" on 20-20

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The film "The people bomb" was a compilation of stories and videos collected from diverse cultures and geographical locations focusing on dramatic increases in human population over short spans of time. This population explosion was having a direct, negative impact on the environment and society of the locations discussed. As a result, involved governments began taking action to alleviate the repercussions of this population expansion and to prevent its continuance. Some of these actions were received harshly by citizens under the acting governments, some were wavered and seen as ineffective for religious reasons and others were successful and becoming more so as time continues. One example of a harshly received marshal action was that of either forced, or persuaded, mass sterilization of societal members. This particular action was taken in India, where citizens from the general population were either forced or coerced into thinking they were being forced to accept sterilization procedures. Many health and wrongful death issues ensued, as well as moral and emotional objection.

Population expansion, on scales demonstrated in "The people bomb," create serious issues for the societies that experience them. A large congestion of people in an area not designed, or capable of maintaining them spawns problems with waste disposal, employment, availability of necessary resources, health, and proper living accommodations. Most commonly experienced in the third world, matters such as these are quickly becoming pandemic in their proportions. Without proper regulation and control of the population or the existence of necessary support programs for a number of people not conducive to their environment, conditions will only worsen.

One may argue that the problem of overpopulation in areas experiencing absolute poverty is inevitable. It may be viewed as a situation only repaired by either force, such as forced sterilization, or the simple end result of an abnormally high mortality rate amongst the population due to poor health conditions. Another standpoint might see the necessity for government to deal with the poverty issue in hopes that, the better the financial situations of the population, the less population booms will occur. It is unlikely at best, however, the governments in question will be capable of such reform anytime in the near future.



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