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"sheep, Dog and Wolf" in Schools?

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Essay Preview: "sheep, Dog and Wolf" in Schools?

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Generally when you look at a school you can see many different types of students.

In this paper I have outlined my basic understanding of how some students can make schools a living hell for others.

Wolves: These students are typically known as bullies. They bully people by teasing them, calling them names, spreading rumors and sometimes even resort to physical violence. The reason wolves bull can normally be linked to Jealousy, Lack of friends or sometimes a problem at home or with the family.

Sheep: Most people are sheep. They deny that the wolves will come. They go on with their lives, regarding the concept of a wolf as pure fantasy, completely oblivious to the emotional danger they are in. When another sheep is taken down by a wolf they normally try to ignore the fact that one of their own is being emotionally attacked by a wolf and try to get on with their day.

Sheepdogs: These brave students actually stand up to the wolves often emotionally attacking them back. And by doing so, the Sheep and teachers can often mistake any Sheepdog as being a wolf. Sheep normally try to avoid the Sheepdogs so that they are not involved in the never-ending quarrel between the Sheepdogs and the Wolves.

In most schools there is an equal amount of Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves. But sometimes there are more than the other and that could lead to disaster. As much as I hate to say it, our school is almost overrun by Wolves because we lack the Sheepdogs. If more Sheep were to take the role of the Sheepdog then we may be able to turn this school into a place of learning rather than a prison.



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