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"harlem" by Langston Hughes.

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Essay Preview: "harlem" by Langston Hughes.

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In his poem the author talks about a dream that did not come true.

"Does it dry up like

a raisin in the sun?"

"A raisin" represents "a deferred dream". In the beginning a person's dream is like

a fresh juicy grape. A person full of hopes tries to do whatever it takes to make his dream

come true. But what happens to the grape left out in the sun? It dries up. "A raisin in the

sun" - we can call a dream that never came true. Lorraine Hansberry used this quote as a

title for her play. In the play the main character, an older lady, dreamt about a good house

in a good neighborhood for her family. Their family went through a lot of financial

difficulties. In the end when they finally have bought a nice house in the "all-white"

neighborhood, one of their new neighbors came and offered them money so they would

not move there. It is exactly like "a raisin in the sun". They had a dream and when it

seemed that they finally got what they wanted, new neighbors just won't let them to

live their dream.

"... sags like a heavy load"

"Heavy load" is an unrealized dream. At first it seems like a person can do

Anything for his/her dream; everything seems so easy. But then you realize that it is not

as easy as it seems. And when time goes by and you cannot do a thing to come closer to

your dream, you just lose any hope. When a person loses his/her hope, it



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