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"christ Figures" Case

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In modern art, literature, and pop culture, there are suggestive clues that hint a parallel between certain characters and Jesus Christ or "Christ Figures". Though Jesus' teachings promoted good in man and society, they have been opposed by evil. In William Golding's Lord of the Flies, a similar character is stranded on an isolated island with a mob of boys and cruelty of man becomes evident, but one boy in the group sticks out, Simon. The characters Jesus of Nazareth and Simon in Golding's Lord of the Flies are very similar because they cared for others, were tempted by immorality, and possessed mystical qualities.

Jesus loved and cared for everyone that crossed his path. He loved and watched over children. Jesus was a misunderstood and selfless person who helped others out of the kindness of his heart. He was humble and honest. Most people enjoyed his messages and followed in his path. Jesus found the good in people when others did not and he reached out to people who were not to be loved. Simon is a similar character because he helped out many of the boys while they were stranded on the island. Simon was unappreciated and assisted Ralph with the shelters while the other boys played. "Simon. He helps. All the rest rushed off. He's done as much as I have" (Golding 54). Simon wanted the same things as Ralph like surviving on the island and being rescued. Simon also watched over the littluns willingly. He cared for them and helped them reach fruit to eat. "Simon pulled off the choicest from the endless, outstretched hands" (Golding 56). Simon was okay with staying back with the littluns while the others hunted.

Evilness and anger continue to tempt the world and everyone around us. Evilness even tempted the humble and wise Jesus. Jesus was continually tempted by the devil during his journey on earth. During his fast of 40 days and 40 nights a burning bush tempted Jesus just as the Lord of the Flies tempted Simon. Jesus always overcame his temptations but they did conflict with his spiritual being. Simon was tempted by the evils of the island while he was stranded. Simon was tempted to look for the beast and speak to the Lord of the Flies. "What are you doing here alone? Aren't you afraid of me? There isn't anyone to help you. Only me. And I'm the beast" (Golding 143). This quote shows how the Lord of the Flies frightened Simon with his inquiries. Although the pig's head was not actually speaking and Simon was delirious it was a moment in the book where darkness appeared to an innocent Simon. The evils and creepers of the island also tempted Simon to explore the island. This tempted him to find the true identity of the beast. "He hid his face, and toiled on...the flies had found the figure too. The life-like movement would scare them off for a moment...he crawled forward and soon he understood" (Golding 146). This quote explains the significance of Simon finding



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