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Yummy Stall Case

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Yummy Stall's owner is taking an advantage of side order rage that has been sweeping the campus.

Along with taking advantage of this trend, they are also planning for the future. Yummy Stall observe that all the undergraduate UMK are more preferred to side order as their favourite food. Yummy Stall is also marketing itself as a good service and cheap food to maintain stability, in case the side order trend begins to fizzle.


The interest by consumer in the stall area is sweeping around the city campus. Yummy Stall is positioned to bring to the Pengkalan Chepa area.

Yummy Stall will provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where the customer can receive quality food and service at a reasonable price. The snack station will offer a various kind of choices to the customers. Snack and side order of various kinds will be offered. The snack and side order of sort will be offered.

The advertising and promotion will take a several avenues. First, flyers will be distribute to undergraduate UMK. Ads will be taken out in all of the hostel area.Other than that, we will having a discount promotion time and delivery service to all undergraduate UMK

Yummy Stall will be operated as a partnership which has a total of 12 partner work together. All the profit and loss will be share equally among the partner.

Overall management will be the responsibility of the chairman, the manager and some other supervisor.


To provide a wider variety of food to all undergraduate of UMK. This can let them try more variety food at a reasonable price.


This document is intended to outline the start-up of the business known as Yummy Stall. The business plan contains a two-fold mission. The first one is as a guideline for managing the business. The other is to allow the entrepreneur to view and evaluate the proposed business venture in an objective, critical and practical manner.


The goals of the business are to provide an appropriate income and to create a business and working environment where both the customer and employee are treated with equally and respect.

The specific goals of the business are:

Profit -Stall income in excess of RM12000 within a year

Clientele - create a base clientele of persons who live and work in the area. These persons will like to try a variable food and snack

Employees - 12 person of UMK student from year 1


Yummy Stall will be a snack station located at the Taman Bendahara in UMK.

The snack station will offer a various kind of choices to the customers. Snack and side order of various kinds will be offered. The snack and side order will includes herbal eggs, corn, and curry fish/prawn ball.

The breakfast menu will feature sandwich, toast and kaya bread. If funds allowed, in hot weather, juice, soda and pudding will be offered. Whereas, in cold weather, Milo, Vico and other hot beverages will be offered.

Opportunities and Strengths

There is a golden opportunity for opening a snack station in UMK at Taman Bendahara. Snack station are having a great deal of success, which is evidenced by lots of customers in Pasar Malam Snack Station on every Saturday. The distance just take around 5 minutes for customers from campus of UMK. This area is heavily populated with young, upwardly, mobile persons with expendable income and locals in Taman Bendahara.

This business have advantage in providing variety of foods and snacks for breakfast and lunch. The snack station is also located in strategic location as it is near the campus. This will bring much convenience to customers especially from campus UMK. The possibility of rain season also can bring advantage to this business due to long distance from competitor in Pasar Malam Snack Station. Thus, customers from campus UMK may opt for snack station near their hostel.

Critical Risks and Problems

There are risks inherent with any business. However, the business carries with it very unique risks. Most critical is the changing of weather. As we know there may be flood at our business location. Our business will be hard to carry out if it happen.

The next problem is the supply problem because we are new here. It's hard to find the supplier for equipment of our business like gas, material for our food, places to ready our food, electric, and other.

We also have the shift problem. We all will have class at difference time .It no possible for all of us to handle our business in equal hour. There will be sometime that we all have class and no one can handle our business.

Another is the taste of customer are different. As the information we get there will be lot of our competitor who will sell a lot of different kind of food .So it not necessary the customer will buy our product.

Lastly, the critical risks for us are the race of undergraduate UMK. Due to our group did not have a single Malay student and most of the undergraduate UMK are Malay citizen, we afraid that our food are difficult to sell because of Malay student hardly to believe our food are kosher.



To have a competent and knowledgeable management staff which functions as a team.


* Conduct weekly management meetings

* Reviews every months

* Performance incentives

* Encourage creativity


Yummy Stall will be operated as a Partnership. There will be 12 shareholder consist of 12 undergraduate UMK. Overall management will be the responsibility of the chairman, the manager and some other supervisor.




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