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You Don't Fight with the Police

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An article written by Rosie Dimanno discusses the fact that there are corrupt police officers who the legal system sets free. I interpreted the article "You don't fight with the police" as an instance in society when the innocent are punished by the police who are actually supposed to help society by protecting them from the bad. I believe that the fault in this article lies on the police officers themselves. As discussed in the article making a threat is the beginnings of a nightmare you don't want to experience. Sooner or later you have the cops at your front door and they will cause many problems for you. They are very good at intimidating you, provoking and suckering you as well. "You don't fight with the police" a statement made by Constable Mike Hoskin himself. I interpreted that statement as if you in anyway fight with the police either verbally or physically you are at fault and will have to pay the price regardless if it was your fault or not. I believe that the authority police are given in some cases is too much because the power they are given allows them to feel superior over others, not all police are this way but in this case I believe they have taken advantage of the power they have. In this specific case the three officers Constable Hoskin, Randy Martin and Al Robins all were acquitted of the charges and as Rosie described "waltzed". In our own society we have cases with the same type of issues for example William Daughton was beaten by guards at Toronto Don Jail and he was denied medical assistance in spite of 3 court orders and protesting citizens. In that case the victim was released but in other cases such as in August 2000 Otto Vass was beaten to death by police in a parking lot of 7-11 by officers Phil Duncan, Rob Lemaitre, Nam Le and Felipo Bevilacqua who were all charged in connection to Vass' death on October 25th 2000. Just because a cop is allowed to use force when needed does not mean that they are able to use enough force to hurt someone. I feel as though the article talks about the acts of police officers who feel they have the power to do as they please and arrest or hurt a member of society if they "fight with the police" which is taking advantage of the law and if taken to court also the legal system set out to catch those who are offenders of the law.



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