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Year 9 Science Semester 2

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Essay Preview: Year 9 Science Semester 2

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Year 9 Science Semester 2

Assessment 1

Physics Research Task

Date issued: 30/7

Date due: 24/8

Weight 20%

Total Marks: 49

Achievement standards assessed:

  1. Describes and predicts how scientific developments and technology influence society.
  1. Uses appropriate language and representations when communicating findings.


A consequence of Science is the way it impacts technology and society. Hence, the ability to communicate Science to other people is an important skill. Answer the following questions (1-9) by constructing a picture storybook or comic book appropriate to an audience of intelligent 12-year-old students. This will require an appropriate balance of diagrams, narrative and technical jargon.

Motors and generators

  1. Compare and contrast an electric motor and generator.
  2. Explain the link between electromagnetism and the functioning of motors and generators
  3. Give 3 examples of machines that use electric motors.
  4. Using one example of a machine or appliance with an electric motor, explain how it is useful in society .
  5. Using one example of a machine or appliance explain how its electric motor has changed the world.

Electricity generation

  1. How is coal converted to electricity?
  2. What is another energy source we can use to generate electricity?
  3. How is it converted to electricity?
  4. Explain how the world levels of electricity usage have been impacted by:

a. population growth

b. advances in communication technology

c. advances in transportation technology

d. increased levels of product consumerism


Your submission will need to be a hardcopy (electronic submission will not be accepted). There should be a maximum of 15 pages excluding the bibliography, title pages, etc. On each page, there should be a minimal number of words accompanying the graphics but sufficient to answer the questions 1-9. Labels can be included if they are well integrated into the graphics and are not used excessively.

Achievement standard

Report section


Your mark


  • q3

Provides three examples of machines or appliances that have motors (3)

  • q4

Provides an explanation on how a machine or appliance functions (1) and how this is useful in society (1)

  • q5

Provides an explanation on how a motor in a machine or appliance functions (1) and how this has changed the world (1)

  • q9

Provides a well-reasoned link between population growth(1) and electricity usage(1)

Provides a well-reasoned link between advances in communication technology(1) & electricity usage(1)

Provides a well-reasoned link between advances in transportation technology(1) and electricity usage(1)

Provides a well-reasoned link between increased levels of product consumerism(1) and electricity usage(1)









  • q1

Mentions key words of energy transformations when showing differences(1)Graphics (2)Mentions 5 key components when showing similarities(2)

  • q2

Explains what is electromagnetism (1) and links it to the function of motors (1) and generators (1)

  • q3, 4, 5

Graphics with titles/captions

  • q6

Provides an explanation for process of converting coal to electricity(1)


  • q7

Mentions another energy source that is used to generate electricity(1)


  • q8

Provides an explanation for the energy source to be converted into electricity(1)


  • q9


  • q1-9

Narrative (2) Sentences integrated with graphics (2) Appropriate for the age group but informative (2) Interesting and creative (2)

  • Bibliography with 5 varied, reliable and relevant sources (3) at least two types of sources (websites, books, journals, magazines, videos) (1) correct style (1)












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