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Microsoft targets numerous segments of the population of many countries through advertisements of its Xbox. Microsoft, one of the most successful companies in the world, is using its innovations to take over the machine gaming market. Sony and Nintendo have been the gaming powerhouses for many years now, but are now starting to become overshadowed by the success of Microsoft's Xbox. As long as gaming machines have been available, teenage boys have been the targets of the companies. One new strategy that Microsoft is using is the targeting of all ages and both sexes of consumers. While other companies continue to stay in the young kids and teenage market, Xbox is revolutionizing the target market of gaming systems.

Microsoft is in the process of producing games aimed at young and teenage girls as well as male and female adults. Microsoft is planning to have all types of games available for the Xbox as they are for the computer. As any computer owner knows, a game of any genre can be purchased for the computer. There are tens of thousands of games available for people of all different ages, races, and sexes who all have different interests. Microsoft, unlike the other gaming machine companies, has experience with producing software of this caliber, and is completely prepared for the innovations. With the vast amounts of funds that Microsoft has available, these goals are in no way out of reach.

There are already about five times as many advertisements out promoting the Xbox and its games than all the other gaming machine companies combined. This fact has really hurt the competitors. Microsoft has been smart with its advertisements. They have made many simple television, magazine, and internet ads that have targeted all audiences. These advertisements do not use expensive celebrities, but they use what the segment for each game is interested in. They also relate the advertisements for certain games to the television show, or the magazine the target segment watches or reads. For example, on MTV, a station that is watched by a great number of teenage boys, an Xbox commercial came on emphasizing "hot" girls who are featured in a game. This tells men of all ages, but primarily teenagers, that if you buy this Xbox game, not only can you have fun for days playing it, but you can also see beautiful women while doing it. Another example is during an NFL football game, a commercial came on promoting a new football



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