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Woman and Abortion

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Essay Preview: Woman and Abortion

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Woman and abortion has always been an issue concerning everyone else except the female who is having the child. Most US citizens today believe that abortion is the wrong way to go, the unborn fetus has no chance at life. It is against the Catholic religion to do this but many people have to do this. Abortions are usually wanted by the teenagers in our society, whether they had made a mistaken and forgot to wear a condom or just chose not to wear one. This article is stating that our government is going to start testing the mothers who are caring a child. They want to ensure that the rights of the unborn fetuses are upheld. The rights of the baby should be upheld, and I believe that it will be but I also believe that there are groups that will not agree with this. These groups will protest at this trial to ensure what they wish to happen occurs.

The Supreme will decide whether pregnant women can be tested for drugs. If being tested for drugs just means taking blood then it would not be harmful towards the unborn fetus. In this case the Supreme Court is deciding whether or not a woman can be given an injection to be tested for a drug. But will this injection hurt the baby, or is it for the good of the baby so that the mother may be given help if she is in fact a drug addict. It was recorded in 1985, in South Carolina, that a hospital in the south would take any measure necessary to make it possible for the unborn fetus has a healthy birth.

The unborn fetus should have rights, but how do we know when the unborn child is in danger. We need to use and make laws to ensure that pregnant women in no way possible can harm their babies. Unfortunately this is nearly impossible to accomplish, for it can only be accomplished when the pregnant woman comes into her doctors office for a check up. When she does come in for a check up, as of now, the doctor can only advise you on what to do. Unless you are tripping over your own feet, or there is something visibly wrong with the way you look the doctor can not do anything with out your consent.

The hospitals, doctors, and whom ever else there is out there in the world who is out to help you should have more rights than they have now. Since many laws are in the making for the healthy development of an unborn fetus no one can take any action yet. As the years go by we will begin to see many more changes in rights of people who are out to help you. People



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