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Why People Nerf

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Essay Preview: Why People Nerf

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Why People Nerf

Why do you nerf? The common response would be, "Because it's fun." Nerf is an exhilarating sport; there is something about running around shooting foam at people that is loads of fun. Problem solved, people do it because it is fun. There are a lot of different aspects that go into defining the fun in Nerf.

Nerf is a war game, and thus has to be treated uniquely in defining the psychological rewards it gives so many people. Like real war, Nerf invokes a rush of adrenaline and a Ð''battle mentality' (which will be discussed later). Like a game, there is a sense of lightheartedness and a sport-like physical and mental aspect, in which injuries are not meant to occur.

Nerf rewards humans on an almost uncountable number of levels. Many animals, and almost all mammals, play war games. Cubs, puppies, kittens and the like are known to wrestle, bite, chase and surprise. Through these examples, we see that even the most primitive subconscious aspects of the human psyche are satisfied in mock battle.

On a more modern level, Nerf allows for participants to engage in combat without the physical aptitude required by the military, the consequences of death, or the moral significance of taking another life. In fact, I kill the same four people every weekend, and they kill me.

The modification of Nerf guns satisfies the scientific urge to take apart, examine, and rebuild. Although most members of the nerfing community follow the modifications and innovations of a small percentage of this group, every person will go about modifying in a slightly different way. Even following mod instructions is a mental exercise.

This lands us upon another of the important rewards of Nerf: the community. Belonging to a community is one of the most basic needs of humans. Because this community exists in a bundle of electrons it includes many people who wouldn't normally consider themselves social; but get them to a Nerf war, and they are Ð''just one of the guys'.

After this general analysis of the rewards of nerfing, I would like to go into further detail in relation to two of the most prominent facets of Nerf.

The Battle Mentality

The battle mentality that Nerf causes in people is comprised of many different behaviors. Because Nerf is just a game, the behaviors mentioned should all be looked at through a filter of fun and sport. It is important to keep in mind that even as I mention behaviors of a state of mind that is integral to Nerf (the battle mentality), the people who I enjoy nerfing with the most are those who always keep Ð''fun' as their number one mindset, and these people are often better than those who overcome by warlike performance.

Survival mode is the primary



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