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Why Not to Live in Florida

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Despite the several hurricanes that have occurred in Florida the past couple years, I think it's safe to say that Florida can also be a pleasant place to live. With its mostly sunny weather, friendly disposition, and many exciting attractions, Florida almost doesn't seem like the type of place to have such horrific weather at times. I, personally, even after knowing so many good qualities about the sunshine state, still am not convinced that Florida would be a nice place to live.

One reason for not wanting to live in Florida, besides the hurricanes, that repeatedly seem to make their way towards the innocent peninsula, is the swamps. Being so far below sea level, the majority of Florida is dreadfully swampy. Not only are the swamps a problem, but the animals and insects that live in and around them are a nuisance. The alligators that live in Florida turn out to be quite a ferocious and intrusive creature. They can often enter domestic areas and there have been several reports, over time, about alligators, living in Florida, attacking innocent children, and even adults. Also, with so many mosquitoes flying around, biting me, it doesn't seem like I would enjoy myself very much, during my stay in Florida.

Another reason that I will most likely steer clear of Florida, for relatively some time, is due to the fact that Florida has a football team that most would agree is downright terrible. Sorry to all you Dolphin fans out there, but I much rather enjoy the sense of security, knowing that I live in a state that has two fairly honorable football teams.

So overall, I think that I'll stick to being a happy citizen of Pennsylvania, enjoying the luxury of not having to ponder the threats of hurricanes, alligators, mosquitoes or your out of state friends making fun of the Dolphins.



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