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Living in the Ghetto

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This book is a autobiography about a the author Elie Wiesel. He has written 2 other books. They are all about his life. In all of his books there is a lot of tragedy. In his book he talks a lot about his feelings. He is the winner of the 1986 Novel prize awards.

The point of this book is to see how bad we treat each other. It is about how he hates war. He hates was because there always has to be a loser, and that loser suffers greatly. This book increases my understandings of people like Hitler. I learned about how he commanded his troops to destroy lives. This book was different than most books because, it was not made to entertain. This book made me think of the problems that he came across.

The main character is the author Elie Wiesel. His whole book is about him and his horrible experiences. The setting through this whole book is mostly on the ghetto. The place really broke him apart because all the people were dieing. I don't think that the story could have happened in another place.

The most tragic part in the story was when they are killing all the Jewish. They start slathering them and killing them in many ways. The whole book talks about killing and murder ext... this book is very graphic so that is the real main parts.

This book meant a lot to me. Is showed me how badly people can get. The characters really helped me understand the book and all the pain they were going through. I started to think about how bad they had it. Also about how much they suffered. I think that everyone should read this book. It shows how your life is not as bad as you think.



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