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Why Mac Is Simply Better Than Pc

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Why Mac is simply better than PC

My thesis is to show why Mac is better than PC. The debate has continued Mac vs. PC. Buying a Mac is like buying a Mercedes Benz it is quality and unique. Buying a PC well it's like buying a bad copy of Mac. If your time has value you should use a Mac. There are hundreds and thosands of PC's but they all are a waste of time and money. Tell your Windows friends that Windows 95/98 etc is a great graphical user interface, and it ought to be: It was borrowed from the Mac OS!

Mention that, even though the Mac seems more expensive than a comparable PC, price comparisons are best made over the useful life of a system. The Mac lasts about twice as long as the PC- with continuing support. Relate that PowerPC processors run faster and more efficiently than even Intel Pentium III processors of the same clock speed: 400 MHz on a Mac is faster than 400 MHz on a PC.

Remark that setting up hardware and installing software is much easier on a Mac. If your time has value, you'll be interested in knowing that configuring files and resolving problems with peripherals are virtually unknown on a Mac; they

have cost long weekends on a PC.

Note that on the Mac, networking is built-in and a snap to set up; so is 16-bit stereo Harmon Kardon stereosound. For a PC - you guessed it - they're add-on features. Relate that sound and video are always automatically included and configured on the Mac, but require a card and configuration on a PC.

Tell your Windows friends that Mac files automatically recognize the creator application; Windows files require a three-character extension. Changing a Mac file name doesn't change how an application recognizes it. Try mentioning that Macs with multiscan monitors can switch resolutions and change color bit depth without rebooting; PCs need an add-on utility to do this.

All might think that a PC is awesome, but is not called Windows for nothing. When they say Windows they mean Windows. Macintosh has been known for it's simplicity. Windows users say Mac has no games. I say to them there are games, but if you want to "play games" get a game system. Macs give a new vision in the computer industry.

You want easy to use. You got it ! From a Mac of course! Here are some examples. Easy internet access , easy networking, true



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